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If you want to look and feel good again, this book is for you! Learn how to get a good night’s sleep – night after night – dramatically reduce your pain, boost your metal and physical energy, eliminate IBS and RLS. And, best of all, do it without dangerous drugs.

“I felt more connected with Dr. Murphree than I have with any local doctor I have seen. I’m sleeping better, my energy is way up, and I feel great!” – Ginger, California
“I was bedridden with pain and fatigue. Now, I’ve lost 40 lbs., pain is very low, IBS and fog are gone, and I’m sleeping 6-8 hours a night!” – Cynthia, Indiana
Being an RN for 43 years, this was a whole new way of thinking. I am so glad I did this – I have my health completely back!” – Deborah, Arkansas

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