Fill Up Your Stress Coping Account

Like a healthy garden, our body is dependent on having the essential nutrients it needs for optimal health. Unfortunately, the typical Western diet falls short of providing the essential nutrients our bodies need to be healthy.

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration study analyzed over 234 foods over two years and found the average American diet to have less than 80% of the RDA of one or more of the following: calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and manganese. Other studies demonstrate magnesium deficiency in well over 50% of the population. The only way to be sure you’re nutritionally sound is to supplement your diet with the essential nutrients your body needs for optimal health.

Traditional medical doctors often scoff at the notion of taking vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to improve your health, but does anyone suffer from a drug deficiency? Of course not. Yet, those with fibromyalgia often end up on a medical merry-go-round, seeing one doctor after another. They take an endless concoction of life-draining, potentially dangerous drugs, sedatives, and muscle relaxants to induce sleep, to wake them up, to reduce their pain, and alter their moods (a side effect of the sleep drugs). Drug therapy can be useful; however, merely covering symptoms with drugs often leads to further problems.

Nutrients, not drugs, are what make the hormones that regulate your body. Every essential chemical in your body, including thyroid hormones, testosterone, estrogen, neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine, etc.), antibodies, adrenaline, cortisol, and white blood cells, are made from vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids.

My patients and customers around the world have used the Jumpstart protocol and Jumpstart supplements, to get healthy, dramatically reduce their pain, boost their energy, get a good night sleep, reverse IBS, RLS, low moods, and brain fog. These all-natural nutritional supplements do what prescription drugs can’t: get you healthy. This is the first but huge step in the right direction to feeling good again.

I’ve researched and implemented numerous therapies over the years. For the last 15, I’ve been using a specially developed nutritional protocol known as The Fibromyalgia Jumpstart Program. It provides the essential nutrients needed for beating fibromyalgia and includes these four core products:

  • CFS/Fibro Pack, which contains a highdose multi-vitamin/mineral formula with extra magnesium (680 mg per two packs), free-form amino acid blend (to form the brain chemicals, serotonin and norepinephrine), fish oil, and malic acid.
  • Adrenal Cortex reverses adrenal fatigue while building stamina and resistance to stress. This is a crucial step toward avoiding fibromyalgia “flares.” If you don’t repair your sluggish adrenal glands, you’ll crash every time you attempt to overdo it.
  • Digestive Enzymes make sure you’re breaking down and absorbing the nutrients in your foods and supplements. I recommend all of my chronically ill patients take digestive enzymes.
  • 5-HTP is responsible for making serotonin, a major stress-coping chemical that reduces pain, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, fibro fog, and depression. It also helps promote deep restorative sleep—the most important step in beating fibromyalgia.

By providing the essential nutrients your body needs for optimal health, you lay the foundation for getting healthy. It’s not unusual for numerous chronic symptoms to disappear within a few weeks of taking the Jumpstart Package. It will take time and perhaps additional nutrients, but taking the time to get your body’s inner soil healthy will always yield positive results.

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