Fix Your Adrenal Fatigue

If you’re get-up and go has gotten up and went you need to fix your adrenal fatigue!

The adrenal glands are the stress-coping glands.  They are responsible for excreting the hormones that help you deal with stress, such as cortisol and epinephrine.  They are small, pea-sized glands located at the top of each kidney and have one of the most vital functions in the body.

When these glands malfunction, especially in those with chronic pain syndromes, it leads to a host of other problems like exacerbated symptoms of fibromyalgia, excessive fatigue, inability to tolerate certain noises or even smells, and make it nearly impossible to deal with mundane activities like balancing the checkbook or cleaning the house.

The hormones released by the adrenal glands regulate blood sugar; digestion; utilization of carbs, fats and proteins for energy; and, most importantly, inflammation and pain.

The adrenals are made up of two sections:  The medulla, which is the inner portion, and the cortex, which is the outer portion.  The medulla is responsible for releasing norepinephrine and epinephrine, otherwise known as noradrenaline and adrenaline.  These are the chemicals responsible for the immediate response to stress or a threat, the fight-or-flight response.  Epinephrine speeds up the heart rate, raises the blood pressure, opens the airways, and releases sugar to prepare the body for the stress.  Mental clarity and energy are increased when these two chemicals are released.-Pain is also reduced by these chemicals being released.

The cortex is a bit more “important” because it deals with helping the body respond to chronic, long-term stress, which most of us can relate to, especially those with chronic illnesses.

With chronic, prolonged stress, I’m referring to the illnesses that put stress on the body such as infection or extended physical, mental, or emotional distress.  The cortex is responsible for releasing steroids into the body; most importantly, cortisol.  It is cortisol that is the primary player in adrenal fatigue, which is very likely a problem if you have constant fibro or CFS flares.

 In fact, studies have shown that more than 2/3 of patients with fibro or CFS suffer from adrenal fatigue.

In fact, malfunctioning adrenals, or the cortisol-control system, may be the primary cause of your symptoms.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue are similar to those found in chronic illnesses, especially CFS.  They include dizziness, joint pain, achy muscle pain, excess fatigue, decreased cognitive ability or brain fog, compromised immune system, depression, diarrhea, constipation, or abdominal pain, and IBS.  Additionally, blood sugar control is often a problem in those with adrenal fatigue and will usually feel anxious, run down, and depressed.

Once adrenal fatigue hits, the body has a hard time recovering, so it is not long before your body and mind begin to break down.  It is defenseless against the constant challenges of daily life stress because they simply cannot help you cope anymore.

This is where chronic illness begins and the pain, fatigue, poor sleep, IBS, low moods, brain fog, and feeling overwhelmed starts. Fibro flares are common.

Stress becomes magnified. Little things, changes in weather, bright lights, noise, crowds, driving, reading, entertaining, socializing, shopping, and other everyday activities can become overwhelming.

Begin to fix your adrenal fatigue and see a big improvement in your mental and physical energy, stamina and resistance to stress.

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