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3 Keys To Treating And Beating Fibromyalgia
In this free report, Dr. Rodger Murphree guides you in how to get healthy and feel better again. He shares the three keys you must know to beat and treat your Fibromyalgia. Click here to Download your free report.

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Dear friend,

If you have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, you are in the right place. This website has many free resources available to help you feel better.

I realize you may be extremely tired and frustrated with trying to beat your fibromyalgia. Simple tasks like going to the store, holding a conversation with a loved one at dinner, or even getting out bed in the morning can be challenging. I and my free resources have successfully helped thousands of patients just like you get healthy and feel better again.

There are many options for you to learn how to get better:
  • Read my free report, “Your 3 Keys To Beating & Treating Fibromyalgia.” Instantly download it by clicking here.
  • Attend my next free webinar on how to get healthy again. On this webinar, I share with you the 5 ultimate keys to feeling good again. Click here for details.
  • Join my LIVE teleconference with people who have and had Fibromyalgia. Participation is not required and it is FREE. Click here to get started!
  • You can listen to past teleconferences I have put on. On these teleconferences you will hear from people just like you and how they are getting better along with strategies from me to help you feel better. Click here for the archive.
  • Read my book, Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia. In fact, you can download the first three 3 chapters for free. Simply click here and put in your name and email address so I can send you the free chapters.
  • Sign up for my Health Matters Free newsletter where I share more free information on how to feel better and get healthy again. Click here to sign up.
  • Watch my free videos
    where I share specific strategies on how to feel good again.
  • Read the testimonials to hear from other people who have had Fibromyalgia and now they are feeling better as well.
  • Read valuable articles with simple tips to help you feel better
  • Call 888-884-9577 or click here to schedule a phone consultation with me. Phone consultations are $129. Your location does not matter. I do help and treat patients all over the world.
Ultimately, I am on a mission to help you feel better and get your life back again. Take advantage of the many free resources you have available right on this website. Bookmark and make this page a favorite as more and more free content is constantly being added.

To your better health,

P.S. If I could tell you to pick one resource to help you feel better, I would start with the simple, free report – “Your 3 Keys To Beating & Treating Fibromyalgia.” Instantly download it by clicking here.
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  • I had a lot of difficult areas in my illness and Dr. Murphree wouldn’t give up on me. He kept trying different things until we got it right and I really appreciated his tenacity! I thank God everyday for Dr. Murphree and all his years of research and care! I am so blessed!

    - Cynthia A.

  • I highly recommend Dr. Murphree. Your health is so important, and it is worth every penny to get a doctor who truly cares and can actually do something to help you.

    - Janna

  • I'm so grateful for Dr. Murphree and what he has done, to help me change my life. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    - Jolene

  • I’d just like to encourage anyone that’s on the brink to just jump in with both feet, because it is so worth it. I was amazed to find somebody that actually wanted to hear about my issues and help me. It’s a whole new way of thinking. I’m just glad you’re out there, Dr Murphree.

    - Deborah

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3 Keys To Treating And Beating Fibromyalgia

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