Fibromyalgia and the Dangers of Cholesterol Drugs

Statin-Associated Muscle-Related Adverse Effects: Results from Medscape and WebMD

iStock_000000391835XSmallNew Study Shows That Taking Cholesterol Drugs Cause Muscle Pain and Weakness in 91% of Those Taking a Statin Drug

“Three hundred sixty-four male and female adult patients completed the MAE survey between January 2002 and June 2008. Six patients were excluded because of incomplete or inconsistent reported data; two patients were excluded because muscle-related symptoms were not attributed to cholesterol-lowering drugs (e.g., previously existing ailments); and two patients reported symptoms primarily consisting of peripheral neuropathy, which was not the focus of this analysis.

The remaining 354 patients were included in the analysis. Male and female patients were similarly represented. Patients were pre-dominantly Caucasian and were generally well educated, with 86% of all patients having attended or graduated from college.

Among all patients, 93% cited muscle pain associated with statin use, 88% muscle fatigue, and 85% muscle weakness. Two-hundred thirty two patients (66%) reported cessation of statin therapy after experiencing muscle-related symptoms; of these, 174 patients (75%) cited some recovery on discontinuation of the statin, with 66 patients (28%) citing complete recovery of their muscle-related symptoms with discontinuation.”

There should be no doubt that statin drugs cause muscle weakness, pain and fatigue. I bet this research survey and the overwhelming evidence that shows the dangers of statin drugs, never gets reported beyond a few obscure journals.

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  1. Donna Stauffer
    Donna Stauffer says:

    I have been on 20mg atorvastatin since age 32 now at age 55 having fibromyalgia connective tissue disease, lupus muscle weakness 50% loss of muscle mass! My cholesterol goes up to almost 400 when gone off statins…can I go off and not have a heart attack? Doctor says the benefits largely out weigh side effects???? I just went off all pain meds and using cannabis cbd oil and feeling alit better…now I want to get rid of statin drugs and take what I need to supplement wise.. help me make this decision…


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