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How many doctor did you see before you got your diagnosis?

Because you have an illness that’s hard to diagnose, it’s not unusual to see several doctors, over several years before finally getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Sadly, but understandable, you’re happy to finally get “a diagnosis.” At least now you know you aren’t lazy, crazy, or a hypochondriac-you do in fact, have a real illness. This […]

Are Fibromyalgia Patients Crazy?

HAVE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD YOU’RE CRAZY, LAZY OR DEPRESSED? IF SO YOU’RE NOT ALONE. FRIENDS, FAMILY AND DOCTORS MAY TRY TO MAKE YOU THINK YOUR ILLNESS ISN’T REAL, “ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD,” THEY’LL SAY. Well… you and I both know that’s just not the case! You often lose your train of thought mid-sentence, have […]

My doctor said my thyroid was normal, but….

It is not unusual for patients to tell me that despite having all the symptoms associated with low thyroid, they have been tested over and over again for hypothyroidism but their tests are normal and their doctor tells them they are fine. Well you and your doctors should realize that you aren’t normal! Normal blood […]