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This theory helps explain why someone gets fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses

Cell Danger Response Theory (excerpt from upcoming 6th edition Dr. Murphree’s “Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia” book). Dr Robert Naviaux professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Pathology at UC San Diego School of Medicine, published “Metabolic Features of the Cell Danger Response (CDR)” in 2014. This study outlined the cellular response to chemical, physical and biological threats. […]

The Freedom From Fibromyalgia Summit 2023 is LIVE!!

Are you watching?!?!  –>  get in the game HERE! Thousands tuned in for yesterday’s Freedom From Fibromyalgia Summit I hope you got to watch all of yesterday’s interviews? There were some really good ones. I really enjoyed interviewing best selling author Jacob Teitelbaum. He and I have lectured together at numerous fibro events. Always fun […]

It’s just a name…What’s causing your fibromyalgia symptoms?

Registration for my 4th Annual Freedom From Fibromyalgia Summit is now available. Register now for this FREE online week of expert interviews and bonus gifts. Are you tired of feeling like you’re living in a never-ending cycle of pain and discomfort? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work? Fibromyalgia is just a […]

Jump Start Your Health

(updated May 2023) For the past 20+ years, I’ve successfully treated thousands of patients with high does of certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients—an approach known as orthomolecular medicine, or functional medicine. It’s based solely on biochemistry, using the right chemicals inherently natural to your body’s optimal functioning. In short, by using the […]

The Survival Paradox and Fibromyalgia Explained

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Dr. Isaac Eliaz for one of my Wednesday Night Facebook Live Q&A. You can watch the replay below. Dr. Eliaz’s “Survival Paradox” theory really resonates with me. It helps explain so many underlying layers of the fibromyalgia syndrome. Especially fibro flares! According to the “survival paradox” our bodies […]