Fibromyalgia and CFS: Uncovering the Truth Behind Them

Despite what some people think, medical research has proven that fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) are very real and very painful diseases.

Sleeping pills on bedside tableResearch has been conducted on the immunological and hormonal changes that confirm this.  Plus, I have spent the last two decades warning my patients about stupid doctors who do not take the initiative to investigate the wide-range and various symptoms that come with the conditions. Despite the support of these findings, however, many insurance companies still refuse to pay claims to those afflicted with these diseases, especially when it’s functional medicine (high-dose vitamin and mineral supplementation).  Insurance companies want the doctors to use as many drugs as they possibly can because of one word: Kickbacks.

The main reason insurance companies have for denying the validity of the research is to keep them from having to pay out claims.

These studies about fibro and CFS bring with them many new developments in how we understand these diseases. We now know that deficiencies in the thyroid and adrenal glands exist and that testosterone levels show consistent drops. This will contribute to feelings of lethargy. There were also changes seen throughout the immune system. One of these was a decrease in the number of cells that aid the immune system. It becomes harder for your body to fight off any infections which may be directly or indirectly caused by fibromyalgia. In addition to this, many cytokine changes were seen. They provided patterns which can be used for diagnostic testing for these diseases.

The antibodies that fight off infections rests in one arm of our immune system. We have an IgG arm of our immune system, and this arm is then split into four groups, IgG 1, IgG 2, IgG 3, and IgG 4.  What has been discovered is that IgG 1 and IgG 3 are often compromised when a patient has either fibromyalgia or CFS. The damage often corresponds to the pain level if a patient is experiencing small fiber neuropathy (pain attacks that start in the hands or feet).

Dr. Mark Sivieri, who runs a wellness center in Maryland, is currently conducting research that suggests critical antibodies on the IgG arm are significantly deficient in those who have fibromyalgia and CFS. He believes that this deficiency contributes to immune system dysfunction. He believes that the shortage of antibodies may be treatable and he is currently exploring methods for their treatment.

Woman With Severe Neck Pain 6Chronic pain causes the signals in the body to be amplified in a process known as central sensitization. What may be the same level of pain for two separate individuals is made worse by the fact that chronic pain overworks the mechanisms which are in place to fight pain. As time goes on these continue to lose resistance to the sense of pain.   This is also referred to as having a lower pain threshold, a typical finding in those who are exposed to pain attacks constantly.

Having either fibromyalgia or CFS is also tied into having problems with blood pressure and autonomic dysfunction (the processes of the gut). Because the symptoms of fibromyalgia mimic the symptoms of other diseases, it can take the better part of five years before a complete and full diagnosis is made.

We can now see a “missing link” between the pain, the immune dysfunction, and the automatic dysfunctions which are commonly seen in fibromyalgia and CFS. All of these can be treated effectively with gamma globulin given intravenously (in a medical office, of course), as well as other high-doses vitamins and minerals. 

Roughly 10-15% of patients suffering from the more severe forms of the illness found relief from this method. Many were bedridden and unresponsive to various other medications and treatments.  The bad part about gamma globulin is the price tag. It can run upwards of $50,000 per year to get these treatments. Insurance companies are hesitant to shell out this kind of cash and are unlikely to cover it.

However, in a placebo-controlled study group, the average rating that patients gave their overall health more than doubled with these treatments. With a score of 0 equaling “not living” and 10 representing “being in perfect health,” patients went from a 3.5 average to a 6.5 average after three months.  After just two years, the majority of patients reported a score of 7. After this two-year period, most patients were able to be weaned off of treatments.

So, why aren’t the insurance companies covering this?  Because, quite frankly, insurance companies make no money off healthy people.

Dr. Rodger Murphree's Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 5th EditionThis new research provides hope for those who have been otherwise without it. You may not be able to afford the injections, but this study and this post will show you that there are alternative measures that are much more effective and far less dangerous.  Most doctors will be happy to work on sliding scale with patients who have greedy insurance companies.

The potential of these advancements is truly monumental. Research that has been conducted in the most recent of years shows that riboflavin may hold treatment potential. Riboflavin is very accessible and inexpensive. If it proves to be an effective treatment, doctors will have to reevaluate the current methods they use.

You can read more about the similarities and differences between fibromyalgia and CFS, and more importantly, what to do to reverse these conditions, by reading my book, Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You can find it on, and also at my Treating and Beating Store.

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  1. Mame Dior Ndiaye
    Mame Dior Ndiaye says:

    I live in Burtonsville Maryland.
    My insurance do not have a stratified fibromyalgia specialist.
    I am also dealing with a degenerated disk and some pinched back nerves and a c-section surgery that still feel like it was performed a month ago….After 3 years…after this point and because of income challenges, I walk with a back brace and a cane, which at this point are not even giving my back the relief needed.
    I really really need to know who are the fibro specialists recognized Nationwide in Maryland, DC and Virginia, if possible.
    Thank you so much

  2. Mame Dior Ndiaye
    Mame Dior Ndiaye says:

    I am tired of being treated as if I don’t want to do much with my life…Yes I have depression problems, and I am sick and tired being treated as if the pain was all in my mind…my mind helped me overlook a lot of pain I should have not overlook, now I am paying the price of all the overlooked physical traumatism

  3. shelby
    shelby says:

    I have had fibromyalgia since 2005 and my doctors said im the worst case they have ever seem in my age group. I got lregnant when i was 37 and was considered high rism but i had no problems whatsoever with pregnancy it eas afterwards that all the lroblems came on like a ton of bricks. I weighed 122 when i got pregnant when i delivered i weighed 140 the nurses told me they were jealous cuz i was already back to my normal size and it had been like 8 hours since i delivered c section. Well they had nothing tonbe jealous about cuz i swelled up the second day like a balloon never could breast feed cuz i never got any milk to breast feed. Im bigger now then when i delivered almost 4 years ago and have since been diagnosed with chronically torn liagaments in both ankles that are no longer visible tenosynovitis on both ankles lost both arches in my feet and im lucky if i can wear shoes due to my ankle bones turning outward so no shoe fits right. Im just a mess. Ive also been told I have hypothyroidism yet the medication doesnt do anything for me. I also have diffuse arthalgia peripheral neuropathy and chronic regional pain syndrome. Needless to say ive never got to take my little girl to the park cuz i cant chase after her beings i cant run and never will again and i cant kneel on the floor and play with her cuz i cant get back up I cry everyday cuz i feel like my life is being taken from me and my time withbmy daughter is passing by so fast and before i know it shes gonna be having children of her own. I feel its so unfair and id give anything to have my life back and be able to be the mommy my little girl deserves.

    • Dr. Rodger Murphree & Team
      Dr. Rodger Murphree & Team says:

      Hi Shelby so sorry to read about your health struggles. As a parent with 3 children, two young boys, it breaks my heart anytime I learn about a parent who can’t enjoy their children as they should due to health issues. I suggest you do a phone consult with me to see if I can help you feel good again. You can learn ore at under consults or call the clinic 205-879-2383


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