Fibromyalgia and Central Sensitivity Pain Theory

Coping with Fibro Fog

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Fibro Fog

Total disasterFibro fog, or problems with poor memory and lack of mental clarity, is a common complaint of my patients. I often get email questions about what to do or what causes fibro fog, so I thought I’d share a past weekly Treating and Beating Teleconference. You can read the partial transcript below or listen to the entire conference below.

(To listen to, or read the transcript, please see the link at the bottom of this page)

Coping With Fibro Fog

Over the last two decades I’ve developed some tried and true nutritional protocols that allow my patients to dramatically improve and often eliminate symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. You can see and hear how my patients have found good health and happiness by see the testimonials on www. page.

Of all the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia one of the most frustrating of these has to be poor mental clarity or “fibro fog.” In my practice I use a combination of the right vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and other nutrients, and proper lifestyle changes to correct the underlying causes of fibromyalgia. You can learn more about these proven protocols in my book Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Everyone has moments when they are forgetful, it could be forgetting your phone, being dazed during conversations or putting the cereal in the fridge. When you have fibromyalgia, these kinds of forgetful moments happen more frequently and can be more severe. This is often called “fibro fog” by patients and doctors.

This foggy feeling is enough to add to anxiety. It is frustrating and nearly impossible to explain this constant frustration to those who don’t experience it. Working on lessening these symptoms is important for your mental and emotional well-being.

There are many theories being explored to determine the cause of fibro fog. Many scientists believe it may be the result of a pre-existing condition such as depression, fatigue, sleep problems, and chronic pain. The leading theory is that a combination of depression and/or sleep deprivation, which each hinder mental capabilities, culminates and creates the fog.

Many believe that fibro fog is a direct result of pain and its impact on the brain. In individuals with chronic pain, MRI research has shown that the frontal lobe is constantly active. This is the area which controls our emotions. That part of the brain just stops shutting itself off and the rest of the brain is affected.

There are steps you can take to fight off fibro fog. There is no guarantee that you will never have foggy moments but, these steps will help minimize its presence in your life. The most important step is to get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep hinders your ability to think clearly. The more sleep deprived you are the worse your fogginess will seem. This is especially true if you are middle-aged or older since our bodies become less resilient as we age.

Be sure to keep to keep your mind active. Any activity that makes you think gives your mind a workout. Think crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and activity books. You can feel stuck in a rut if your brain does not get a chance to explore new pathways.

exercise daily to fight off addictionsBecause stress is so bad for your mental, spiritual, and emotional health, you should meditate, do yoga, or use a similar practice to keep your stress manageable. These exercises can improve memory levels, reduce fatigue, and help you sleep. In one study, women who did yoga for eight weeks had a 30% reduction in fatigue and a 42% reduction in depression. It has also been long known to reduce inflammation.

Exercising increases the amount of oxygen in your brain. Oxygen flow= a healthy brain. Just as you need it to live, so does your brain. Do not overdo it, though. The idea is to stay healthy not to be able to bench press a small vehicle. Do not compare your workout routine to those around you, focus only on what your body needs. If you need encouragement, ask a friend to come with you, it will help keep you on track.

Some other tips you can follow are to keep a journal, repeating things you need to remember, make lists, set goals you can actually accomplish, and manage your environment. Always remember that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. If you can’t organize your home and get it clutter-free by yourself, enlist the help of your loved ones. They are probably looking for an opportunity to lend a hand.

It is normal to have days which are better than others. This should not deter you or give you a reason to give up. Just know that when you take positive steps forward. The better days will outnumber the bad.

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