Non-Invasive Muscle Relaxation Therapy May Provide Relief for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

The office routineUsing heat therapy as the basis for their idea, a group out of San Diego has recently developed a muscle relaxation device that is not only pain-free and non-invasive, it is also portable for use when traveling. At the 2015 PAINWeek Conference in Las Vegas, NV the device was unveiled to the public. The FDA had previously cleared the device and deemed it safe for human use.

Over 2100 medical professionals attend PAINWeek every year making it the largest gatherings of its type in the United States. The device, which was unveiled by the California company AVACEN is roughly the size of a bread box. The device is designed to fit your hand inside it. From this single point of contact, heat therapy moves throughout the patient’s body, which relaxes all of their muscles.

After as little as 20 minutes, the company claims that that pain dissipates and your joints are able to move more freely. Many of the people who tested out the machine, both in its initial stages and at PAINWeek, found the machine so soothing that they fell asleep.

This may seem too good to be true for many fibromyalgia patients out there, but this machine  has had five years of patents, test groups, trials, and testing. Now, when this device becomes available on a global scale, it will be available OTC so any patient can potentially access one.

What makes this device monumental, in regards to pain treatment, is that it is the only non-invasive, non-medication, over-the-counter pain management device available on the market. For far too long the medical community has been dependent on pain medications, even prescribing them in situations where the patients pain level doesn’t require serious medication.

Little evidence exists proving that pain medications and muscle relaxants are 1) functional and 2) safe. Some of the most commonly prescribed drugs, particularly for fibro, can potentially make your condition worse or bring on other related conditions as a result of using them. Most of the medications prescribed are, in fact, toxic to vital organs.

Some of the features which make this device safer than medications, other than the lack of ingesting poison, is a series of 3,000 firmware instructions which moderate and monitor your body temperature, your heart rate, and other specifics. The settings adjust as needed to make each person’s experience a unique one.

If this device proves to function half as well as its inventors claim, it could usher in a new age of pain treatment. This device has the potential to treat the pain that comes from many conditions, ranging from CFS and fibromyalgia to arthritis, gastric pain, shingles, headaches, and even broken bones.

Since there are no harsh chemicals with this pain treatment machine, it is safe to be used by women who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or breastfeeding and those patients who do not respond to traditional pain treatment. It is also a safer alternative for those patients who have a substance abuse history. Many patients avoid pain relieving treatments for fear of slipping back into their addiction. For these patients, treatment options frequently come as a double-edged sword.

It is worth stating here that this machine only provides short-term relief. I encourage all of my patients to follow a proper diet, exercise when possible, state positive affirmations, and to follow all of the other guidelines given to them regarding pain management. It is unwise to cancel your other fibro treatments, even if you do have a pain relieving device. Remember, pain is just a symptom, don’t forget to treat the disease instead of just masking it.

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