Treating Fibromyalgia Naturally May Prevent IBS

Treating Fibromyalgia Naturally May Prevent IBSGenerally associated with pain, fibromyalgia is believed to affect the pain signals in our brain. There is a good amount of overlap between patients who have fibromyalgia and patients who have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). While we cannot yet prevent fibromyalgia, if you are a fibromyalgia patient you can prevent IBS from occurring in most cases.

In fact in my patients IBS conditions even years of chronic IBS, is corrected within a couple of weeks using my tried and true protocols. You can learn more about these in depth specific protocols in my book and my website

I do want to state here that the exact causes of IBS are not fully known and understood, but we do have a pretty good idea of what the main contributing factors are.

  • Hormonal Changes- Like fibromyalgia, IBS is far more common in women than in men. Special attention has been focused on genetic markers, hormone levels, and other differences between the genders.
  • Food- Thanks to GMO’s and imitation food products, we are no longer 100% sure what is being eaten. The process which causes us to develop food allergies and intolerances is not understood completely, but anyone with common sense can see that we are getting sicker as a population. It is because we no longer eat food, but a food-like product.
  • Stress- Not just fibromyalgia and IBS, stress causes everything from high-blood pressure to anxiety, and so many other diseases and symptoms.
  • Bacteria- When you get food poisoning, diarrhea, the stomach flu, cold, or other illnesses, bacteria settles in your stomach. They do not always leave once your sickness is over. They can then contribute to the development of IBS.

Now, if you are a fibromyalgia patient or know someone who is, you are probably wondering how this affects your fibromyalgia. I am so glad you asked.

First, both of these conditions have similar characteristics. IBS and fibromyalgia primarily affect women. This may be the vital component in finding a cure. Both also cause their sufferers to experience fatigue and to have irregular sleep patterns.

Similar therapies and diets are prescribed to treat both of conditions. Similar medications are given out to patients (often like candy) who suffer from both conditions. As you should know by now though, these medications are essentially worthless and can make symptoms worse.

If you have fibromyalgia you know that the depression, headaches, fatigue, pain, and cognitive problems make some days excruciating. If you combine the cramping, gas, mucus in your stool, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, and bloating that are common with IBS, you are in for many more bad days.

There is good news, though.

Treating Fibromyalgia Naturally May Prevent IBS

The best treatments for fibro are also the best ways to prevent IBS

  • Stress Management- This is so important I put it first. You need healthy stress management techniques, even if you are completely healthy. You can work-out, journal, go for a walk, play with your dog, talk to friends, take a bath, meditate, the list could literally go on and on. Find several methods that work well for you. Avoid stressful situations whenever possible.
  • Diet- Stop eating junk. If you want something sweet, go for fruit sweet instead of candy sweet. Not only will you get all kinds of nutrients in a yummy banana, but they are delicious. The closer your food is to its original state, the better it is for you. Synthetic food has additives which will ultimately make both conditions worse.
  • Eat Omega-3 fatty acids-  found in salmon, nuts, tuna, sardines and other foods, Omega-3’s are essential to every body function. They are also natural pain relievers and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Avoid Sweeteners- Okay, not all sweeteners. But anything synthetic and definitely anything containing aspartame has got to go. Instead of sugar try stevia, honey, coconut sugar or agave. Remember, just because they are natural does not mean you can don’t have to use them in moderation.

There is a large overlap, too large. Up to 60% of people with IBS will also develop fibromyalgia. The percentage is slightly higher for fibromyalgia patients who develop IBS, 70% according to a recent study. These numbers do not have to stay this high. Educating patients and family members and moving patients away from prescriptions is the best way to minimize the damage these conditions can do.


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