Sharon Beats Fibromyalgia

“They would usually tell me my blood work was just fine and I needed to exercise. Of course, I was so tired and hurt so bad that I couldn’t exercise. I’ve been to some that didn’t believe in fibromyalgia.

….now I’m much better. I’ve actually started organizing around my house and doing things I haven’t done in a long time. I still have my bad days, but they’re not nearly as many and they’re not as bad.”



Sharon Beats Fibromyalgia

Sharon:                Hello.

Dr. M:                   Hey Sharon, thanks for coming on the call. Can you share with us a little bit about your story?


Okay. I’m not really sure how long I’ve had it … I think at least since 2012. I lost my husband in 2012 and just went downhill from there. I became a recluse and then I started noticing I was hurting. My left arm would hurt, my chest would hurt and then a friend of mine told me she thought I had fibromyalgia. I started reading about the book and then I started the 5-HTP first. I noticed results almost immediately after the 5-HTP, and then I read the book. I finally talked to Juno and to you, and you’ve helped me an awful lot.

Dr. M:

I appreciate that. When we talked the first time, you had gotten the diagnosis and you had really felt bad for a long time. One of the main things was you had no energy, your energy was really low. Now working together over the last 6 months or a little longer than that, how is your energy now?


It’s much better. I’ve actually started organizing around my house and doing things I haven’t done in a long time. I still have my bad days, but they’re not nearly as many and they’re not as bad.

Dr. M:                  

Great. One of the things we worked on was your sleep and making sure you were having no issues with that. That improved and then your pain improved pretty quickly. Tell me about your pain given where you were before. How would you compare your pain back then when we first started, compared to now?

Sharon:                It was a lot worse when we first started than it is now. My bad days are not as bad.

Dr. M:                  

You were able to do the diet as well, so you went on the anti-inflammatory diet and you lost some weight. Tell me about that experience.


I lost about 10 pounds and I lost it fast. Knowing that I would talk to you and you would ask my weight, that does keep you … I was like Shannon, I thought I was eating healthy too but you have to find out what’s good for you and what’s not good for you.

Dr. M:                  

Really it’s not so much about the weight loss sometimes, although that can be a game-changer for a lot of people because it allows them to get off their high BP meds and cholesterol meds. In your case like a lot of people, it was really just finding out what foods may or may not be causing you problems with how you felt. By going through that diet, you lost weight but you also found that you were eating some foods that you’d always eaten and never suspected that they were actually causing your pain. Tell me prior to us working, what had doctors told you? What were they suggesting about your low energy? You had some issues with low moods and anxiety. What were they recommending?


They would usually tell me my blood work was just fine and I needed to exercise. Of course, I was so tired and hurt so bad that I couldn’t exercise. I’ve been to some that didn’t believe in fibromyalgia.

Dr. M:                  

Yeah, it’s frustrating. We found in your blood work several things, but probably the biggest thing was that your TSH was 5.89. No one had told you that you had low thyroid, even though they were doing the tests. Once we got you on thyroid medication, you started feeling better pretty quickly. Unfortunately a lot of people go through that same experience, they have all the symptoms associated with low thyroid – low energy, fatigue, low moods, anxiety, migraines, low blood pressure, cold hands and feet, and they’re told that everything is ok. In your case, by doing the detective work and doing the testing, we actually found you did have low thyroid.


Another thing, I had always thought that I had low blood sugar and you actually brought that up. I had been tested for my glucose but they didn’t test my A1c.

Dr. M:                  

You were really so run down. Your stress coping chemicals were low, you battled some low moods and anxiety issues because you were so beat down. Mentally, how are you? Where would you say you are now, compared with where you first started mentally?

Sharon:   I’m much better. I have a lot more hope now …

Dr. M:                  

Yeah, you were pretty beat down. We found that your DHEA level was at 1, it should be between 5 and 10. When that hormone is low, you find that you don’t have a lot of stamina and resistance to stress so stress is really magnified. That creates more anxiety, which of course creates more stress and that creates more anxiety … it’s a vicious cycle. We got you on the DHEA which you’re off now because you’re doing well. In closing, what would you like to share with others that may be listening or listen to the recording about your experience? What would you recommend as far as trying this program that you’ve been on?


I would say the first thing that I tried was the 5-HTP, and that was before I really even read the book. That worked so well so I read the book, and then I could really see a lot of myself in the book. Then I said you can be able to have phone conferences, you don’t have to get out … it’s very convenient.

Dr. M: 

Absolutely. I want to thank you as well for joining me tonight. I know we’re supposed to talk tomorrow, so I look forward to talking to you tomorrow. 2016 is going to be a great year for you, I’m looking forward their being a part of that.

Sharon:  Thank you so much for all you do.

Dr. M:  Thank you, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Thanks again.


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  1. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    I just read this one post and the thing that caught my eye was the thyroid issue. I have to fight with my doctor about where I want/need my number to be. They front do the FreeT3 or 4 anymore. The rely solely on the tsh and have this ra he and if you fall in it you are supposedly “ok”. I finally got my Dr. To look back at a previous test when I felt better and it was at the other end of that range. DDo she agreed to increase my synthroid and I started feeling much better. I don’t know if it is insurance or what but the general way they treat thyroid issues is not how I was cared for early on.


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