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“The 5 Keys for Beating Fibromyalgia”


Vegan styleI found after doing this for 18 years, the only thing that makes sense is to get healthy and that’s more than just changing your diet, doing some exercise, although I applaud that. What I’ve found is, there are some keys that if you’ll use these keys they’ll unlock the doors that you need for good health. The first one is, you’ve got to get deep restorative sleep, without drugs. When I’m working with my patients in a Get Healthy Program, they probably get sick of this … but every time I talk to them whether that’s the first month, 6th month or the 8th month, I’m always asking them until I know for sure that they’re sleeping through the night on a consistent basis, without medications preferably. 99% of the people I work with get off their sleep medications, but I’m asking them over and over again.

If you’re not going into deep restorative sleep, you increase your inflammatory chemicals by 40% so you have more pain, obviously you less energy. You also decrease your metabolism, so you start to have problems with weight gain and other issues including high blood pressure, increased risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as things like cancer and heart disease. Deep restorative sleep is the number one thing, as far as importance of reducing fibromyalgia symptoms.

Have You Bankrupted Your Stress Coping Savings Account?

Femme forteThe second thing is by the time they get fibromyalgia, they’ve depleted, and sometimes bankrupted their stress coping chemicals. This makes them vulnerable to stressful situations and events, like changes in the weather, loud noises, crowds, etc.

We’re all born with a stress coping savings account. In that account, we have certain chemicals that allow us to deal with stress. We have neurotransmitters or brain chemicals, norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, and GABA, which are hormones that control our energy, mental clarity, memory, pain threshold, bowel movements, metabolism, moods, sex drive, and so much more.  We also have vitamins and minerals that help us with stress, like magnesium, which is one of the most powerful anti-stress minerals out there.

When we get under stress, and we’re under stress all day long, we use these chemicals up. If we’re not careful, we can deplete these chemicals and we can become bankrupt.

Making Deposits Into Our Stress Coping Savings Account

The way we make deposits into our stress coping savings account is by going into deep restorative sleep. When you go into deep restorative sleep, the body is able to rest, it’s able to repair itself, and is able to make deposits into your stress coping savings account. Now you have a surplus of these stress coping chemicals that you need to get through each day. If you’re not getting deep restorative sleep, you find that every day you’re getting further and further overdrawn.

Stress becomes more magnified, so a little goes a long way. It could get to the point where loud noises or crowds, or even the thought of going to the grocery store, or for some people getting dressed or taking a shower … some of my patients share with me that they only bathe twice a week, they feel that bad. They’ve bankrupted their stress coping savings account and they have no energy.

To feel better, on a consistent, day-to-day basis, you must build up these stress coping chemicals. You do that by first reestablishing deep restorative sleep (learn more about step by step protocols for restoring deep restorative sleep in my book, and with the right vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Step by step protocols are in my book Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

What Is Causing Your Symptoms? What Are The Causes Of Your Symptoms?

iStock_000028101536XSmallThe number three thing that people have got to do to feel better on a consistent day-to-day basis, is uncover where they’re broken down. This is done through thorough, comprehensive testing-a combination of special blood tests (most doctors don’t do this thorough testing) and functional medical tests (they certainly don’t do these). The testing takes all the guesswork out of where a person is broken-down. Then and only then, can we start to fix the underlying issues, the causes of their fibromyalgia symptoms-poor sleep, pain, fatigue, IBS, RLS, etc. Otherwise it is the same old same old of just trying to cover up the symptoms.

If you just cover up the symptoms, that usually leads to more symptoms, because medications, all of them, have potential side effects. Many that cause the very symptoms we see in fibromyalgia, diffuse achy pain, low moods, fibro fog, IBS, fatigue, and poor sleep.

You’ve got to fix these underlying issues. Fibromyalgia doesn’t cause anything! Fibromyalgia is just a name, a name of a syndrome. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome, a group of symptoms shared by others diagnosed with fibromyalgia-poor sleep, fatigue, pain, etc. Fibromyalgia doesn’t cause poor sleep, low energy or chronic pain. These are all symptoms or your body’s warning signs that something is wrong in your body. It needs attention. It needs help. Covering up the symptoms will only lead to more problems in the future. Again the goal should be to find and fix the causes of the symptoms. Your low energy could be due to a problem with your thyroid, adrenal fatigue, medications you are taking, poor sleep, yeast overgrowth, or all these things. Your chronic pain could be to s a depleted stress coping savings account, low serotonin, leaky gut, food allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

The third thing that has the happen and this is really key, is you’ve got to find out where you’re broken down. That’s where the special testing comes in. If you don’t do the detective work then you’re guessing. You could take Noni  Juice or magnesium, malic acid, fibroplex, essential oils, you want too, there are some good things out there, but you might not ever feel better. At least on a daily basis. A flare up, change in the weather, trip to the store, or other stressful event, is always just around the corner. When I’m working with my patients in a Get Healthy Program, I work hard on finding and fixing anything, and everything, that can be contributing to their poor health and fibromyalgia symptoms. I make sure I do thorough, comprehensive testing to find the underlying causes of my patients symptoms. I want to know do they have a low ferrtin level, thyroid antibodies, food allergies, adrenal fatigue, and more.

woman standing on scaleA lot of people when they share posts on my Face book page or they reply to my blog, they’ll say I’ve taken supplements, tried different diets and tried to get healthier. The problem is, they’re not working with a health coach or somebody that can help them uncover where they’re broken down. Finding and fixing the underlying causes of the warning signs, through special, comprehensive testing takes all the guess-work out what you need to do, or not do to get healthy, stay healthy and feel good again.

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