What's Your "WHY?"

I’ve treated thousands of fibromyalgia patients over the last 17 years. I’ve been fortunate, through hard work, study, brain storms, dogged determination, and sometimes answered prayers, to have helped thousands of fibro patients feel good again.

Unfortunately, I can’t help every patient that I consult with or who I come into contact through my books, articles, videos, seminars, or teleconferences. My success rate with those I personally work with, as you might imagine is of course much higher than that of other forms of interaction.

Fortunately 90 percent of those I personally consult with, who work with me in one of my get healthy programs, achieve an 80% improvement in all of their symptoms – pain (drastically reduced within 2 months), poor sleep (usually corrected in first month), fatigue, weight gain (patients usually lose down to their desired goal, losing half a pound a day and the weight stays off), IBS (gone in 2 weeks), RLS (gone in 4 weeks) …

In short they feel good again. They enjoy life, instead of struggling to get through each day.

Now I must admit the deck is stacked in my favor. I only accept patients, who I know I can help, who are willing to do what I ask them to do.  And, I only accept patients who have a strong desire to get well.

It may surprise you but not everyone has a strong enough desire to get well.

If I ask someone “do you want to feel good again, do you want to be healthy, rid of your fibro symptoms,” of course they will say they want to feel good again. Who wouldn’t?

However an important lesson I’ve learned over the last 17 plus years being in practice treating difficult chronic fibro cases, many of the same patients who raise their hand and shout “yes I want to feel good again,” will never feel good again.

Sad, but definitely true.

Why won’t some patients ever feel good again you ask? Why, because they don’t have a strong enough “why” in their life.

Fibromyalgia is a beast, a terrible syndrome that slowly robs you of your sleep, energy, mental clarity, happiness, health, life, and vitality-it can and often does destroy your life.

In order to stop the downward spiral of poor health caused by fibro, you must have a strong desire to get healthy, to get well. You must have a strong “why” to beat this life draining illness.

A wimpy mediocre “why” will be swiftly beheaded at the first obstacle or challenge that presents itself– not enough time, discipline (I can’t give up sugar), money (I can’t afford consults-because the car needs new tires, kids need braces, Christmas is 3 months away, saving for vacation), a “it won’t work for me I’m too sick,” mentality, addictive bad habits that you won’t break, a doom and gloom mentality (can’t never did anything my wise mom used to say), or any convenient excuse that allows you to delay doing what you know you must do to finally get well.

Of course there are a number patients who have bought into the false belief that fibromyalgia can never be reversed, beaten, put into remission, this in spite of reading and listening to hundreds of my patients who have in fact beaten their fibro and now feel good again. Some folks are locked into a defeatist mentality so much so that there is no hope for them. Sad, but true.

If you have any doubt that fibromyalgia can be beaten (and many support groups are happy to tell you it can’t) then take a look or listen to what a brief sampling of my patients are saying about beating their fibro: AUDIO TESTIMONIALS

In order to beat fibromyalgia you need a strong, unique “why.”

Your Unique “Why”

Why do you want to be free of fibromyalgia? Why do you want to feel good again? 

For some of my successful patients their “why” was their children – they wanted to be able to get down in the floor and play with their children, take them on vacations, spend weekends being active with their kids and not recovering all weekend in bed.

For others their “why” was to spend more time, doing more things with their grand kids.

For others, they simply wanted to contribute more to their spouse or family, they wanted to be able to take care of their home, balance the check book, or do other helpful activities that they were was easily capable of doing.

And for others, their “why” was to be able to work again – charity work, part time, full time work that they enjoyed.

“I want to cook again.” “I want to travel the world.” I want to be able to help my kids with their kids.” ‘’I don’t want to be a burden to my family.” “ I want to enjoy being active with my spouse, friends and family.” “I want to volunteer at a local charity.’ I want to play golf again.”

“I want to live, truly live life, feel good again, and enjoy my remaining years here on planet earth.”

There are many “whys,” and your “why” or “whys” are unique for you. The one common element to all successful “whys” is that they are strong enough to propel you towards reaching your health goals, no matter the challenge.

 When your “why” is strong enough mere mortal obstacles are no challenge -you find away to over come these and move on towards reaching your goal.

Those with a strong “why” find a way to reach their health goals.

What is your “why.”

Why do you want to feel good again?”

Find your “why.” Take 10-15 minutes and write down everything you’d like to do but can’t because of your fibromyalgia.

Stop and take time to do this now – this is the first step for reversing your fibro and the first challenge you must overcome. Don’t make excuses, take 10-15 minutes and write down what you’d do if you didn’t have fibro.

Then review your list and find the most important things, the ones that would mean the most to you and make them your “why.”

Write these “whys” in a two to three sentence paragraph on an index card or piece of paper and put it where you will see it everyday. Think about what you need to do to goal of beating fibro come true-change your diet, break bad habits, set up a consult and get some advice, whatever it is – make a list, make a plan to get well. If it is a strong enough “why” excuses won’t derail you.

Wimpy “whys” will fail at the first challenge or excuse.

Your “why” should be so convincing that you’ll do whatever you need to do to achieve your goal of getting well. You’ll find away to make more time, work less, reduce your stress, have the money to invest in consults or supplements or doctor visits or whatever it takes.

If you find your “why” and want to speed up the time it takes to get well and stay well then I’m happy to help.  I’ve helped thousands get healthy and feel good again.


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These patients and hundreds of others who’ve worked personally with me have in fact beaten their fibromyalgia. You can read or listen to their stories by clicking the link below:


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  1. betsy johnston
    betsy johnston says:

    Very interested in getting well, getting a job and living my life back. I’m too young to feel this old!(61).

  2. Arlene Mary Jones
    Arlene Mary Jones says:

    My “WHY” is: I want 2 have fun with
    my Grandson!! I want 2 take my Dogs
    On long walks on the Beach!! I want
    2 finally get a good nights sleep!!!
    I would love 2 Ride a Bicycle again!!

  3. Debra Rayter
    Debra Rayter says:

    Hi I can’t figure out how to get started on the patient paperwork. I’m confused ND keep getting looped to the same page. Please help.


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