Stacie Beats Fibromyalgia


“My thing is just give it a try. That’s what I told my husband. I don’t know how many thousands and thousands I’ve spent on doctors that were not helping me, and that’s just a phone call to see if he can help. I wish I had found him years ago. I’m sure y’all hear that constantly.  It was a godsend and I appreciate y’all very much. ” — Stacie S.


Above you can listen to Stacie’s Full Interview, and here is the transcript below:

Stacie Beats Fibromyalgia!

Stacie after working with Dr. Rodger Murphree

Cheryl:   First of all, we’d like to thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s really helpful to others to hear a little bit about what’s worked for previous patients.

Stacie:  Yeah, absolutely.

Cheryl:  So if you could, can you please share with us the reasons why you came to see or came to talk with Dr Murphree? What were your symptoms and what were some of the issues you were battling?

Stacie:  The main symptom I wanted to address was the heart palpitations. I had probably had them for almost two years and had them every day, sometimes for most of the day. At one point, when they did the monitor I was having over 3000 a day and it was just really, really, really getting on my nerves.

Cheryl:  I’ll bet.

Stacie:   I had been to cardiologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists … I mean I had pretty much exhausted any medical doctor, and nobody could tell me anything. Then a lady at my church was going to Dr Murphree, and just from hearing snippets of her success I decided to see if he could help me.

Cheryl:  Great. What did that process look like? What sort of tests did he run and what did he find?

Stacie:   The tests he did, the saliva test which found my adrenals were pretty shot, and then he did the allergy testing which was pretty significant. Of the 96 foods, I was allergic to 22 of them.

Cheryl: Wow.


And then the blood tests, I did the thyroid testing because I have Hashimoto’s. My secondary concern was I was having trouble losing weight. I just could not. Didn’t matter what I did or didn’t do, there was some 15 pounds that I could not get off. Once I started eliminating all the diet, the allergy triggers, then pretty much the weight, honestly it pretty much melted off. Within a couple of months, it had stripped down over 10 pounds.

Cheryl:   I know you had pretty significant adrenal fatigue. I know that was a fairly major thing. How are you feeling now after you’ve gotten that adrenal fatigue sort of addressed and under control?


The 2 biggest things I guess were the multivitamin that he put me on, and then the adrenal support. Those were massive in improving my energy levels, because it was to the point I was falling asleep even at 2 and 3 every day. I would pick up my daughter from school and come home and lay on the couch, and I was just pooped. I just would fall asleep. Within probably a week, it slowly progressively got better with taking the supplements, to the point where I may take a nap every blue moon if I don’t sleep much the night before, but much, much improved.

Cheryl:  Wow, so you started to see results in less than a week?


I did, and it was pretty significant because you always wonder if it’s the placebo effect. Is it all just in my mind? But then it just kept getting better, to the point that I was able to accomplish cleaning my house … just all the things that I had been doing but I was too tired to even fool with, and I still had the energy at the end of the day. I could still play a game with my daughter, or go for a walk, just things that you normally take for granted.

Cheryl:  That’s so fantastic that you’ve been able to get your life back again. Let’s see, were you on any medications that you’ve stopped or reduced?


The doctors kept contributing my heart palpitations to anxiety and depression. They threw me on antidepressants, which I took because at some point you’re just like “I’ve got to get these to stop.” They did nothing, they did nothing and I stayed on them. I don’t really remember how long, but I noticed I was starting to have anxiety when I was on it. I kind of had it before. I guess the palpitations were kind of making me nervous in and of themselves, and the medicine didn’t help anything. Once he got me on a couple of different supplements, I think one was L-thionine, and he did iron supplements which I think was very beneficial for me because I am anemic … which my doctor never found. I go to him every year to have blood work done, and they never found it. It showed up. It was just one or two below normal, so they were like “Oh you’re fine” but that made a huge difference. Once the L-thionine and the combination of the multivitamins and adrenals and everything were working as they should, I was able to come off all antidepressants and all stomach … I was on all kinds of stomach stuff; Prevacid, Prilosec, Zantac, all of the stomach tings. I haven’t had to take anything for stomach pain since I came off all the allergy foods.

Cheryl:  That’s great, so you were able to stop all those medicines and still feel better?

Stacie:  Yeah, I’m pretty much just taking his supplements now. I don’t take anything prescription or over the counter, other than the supplements from him.

Cheryl:  Well that’s great, and I know that’s something really common we see where people had that blood work run, but because there’s just a narrow range that the doctors look for. Anything outside that range, that’s disease and that means you’re really unhealthy.

Stacie:   He also found that my C Reactive Protein was elevated, which my doctor didn’t check or didn’t address, I don’t know. I think once that got resolved, that stopped all the palpitations. If I actually get the food that I’m not supposed to have, something I’m allergic to, they will kind of come back every once in a while but one or two a week, I can handle versus hundreds a day.

Cheryl:  Exactly, so you would definitely say that that main complaint of yours has been totally addressed.

Stacie:   Yeah. As long as I follow the guidelines and stay within my diet, which you do fall off because life happens. But as long as I stay on that, then everything just runs like clockwork. It’s hard to find a word for how much you appreciate getting your life back.

Cheryl:  I bet, I bet. It’s a huge difference for you. You mentioned the diet just now and I’m going to just elaborate a little bit on that for folks who are listening. That would be the anti-inflammatory diet that Dr Murphree had you do, correct?

Stacie:  Correct.

Cheryl:  Tell us a little bit more about that. Was that easy, was it hard? How did it feel when you were on that diet?

Stacie:  Honestly, it was a little hard because my family has no allergies and they eat whatever. So it was a little challenging, as far as cooking … considering what I could eat and trying to modify the meals a little bit. They were real cool with it. They’re big meat eaters, so they were happy with lots of protein in a meal and stuff like that. Mine was the significant number of foods I was allergic to made it kind of hard, but it was doable. It was very doable.

Cheryl:  Dr Murphree said that you lost 14 pounds, so congratulations on that.

Stacie:  Yeah, they just wouldn’t come off. I could not get the weight come off, no matter what. I tried coming off gluten before thinking maybe it was that issue, which I’m allergic to now but it was obviously all the other foods that were playing a part in that.

Cheryl:  How much better would you say you feel now that you’ve cleaned up that diet a little bit?

Stacie:  The first month at the end of 21 days into that, that was probably the best I have felt … oh my word, 10 plus years? That was before my daughter was born. The energy level was great, mood was great. You kind of forget how you used to be, after dealing with it for so long. It was quite amazing.

Cheryl:  That’s fantastic. I know changing your eating habits, that’s a lifestyle change and that’s hard work so you should really be proud of yourself.

Stacie:  Eating out is reduced, but other than that it’s doable.

Cheryl:  But here’s the question, was it worth it?

Stacie:  Oh, a hundred times yes.

Cheryl:  That’s great, we’re so glad to hear that.  Are there any other health issues you’ve had that have improved? I know your heart palpitations are better, your general energy and mood is better. How about your anxiety?

Stacie:   It has gone. Every blue moon, I would say maybe once every two months I’ll have a day when it’ll just … you can tell that I’m a little off, but I think that’s just anybody could have that. That’s just normal life. Like with the palpitations, I can deal with it once a month or every 2 months.

Cheryl:  Right, instead of that lifestyle.

Stacie:  Yeah, you’re thinking like “This is not normal.” It’s been a huge, huge difference.


That is so wonderful, we’re so glad to hear that. One thing that we hear a lot when we have people who are trying to decide whether or not they’re going to work with Dr Murphree is they think “Well, how is this doctor going to know anything about me by working with me over the phone? How is that going to work?’ If you don’t mind, tell us a little bit about your experience and how was it working with Dr Murphree over the phone?


I found it to be extremely convenient because I don’t live in Alabama or near there. I think with the blood work, it was very streamlined. They mail you the kit over the phone. It was just easy. The hardest part I guess was going to get your blood drawn, and that was no big deal. It was just the driving. The communication was phenomenal, quick responses, all questions answered; I don’t really have any complaints with it. I can’t think of any issues that I ever ran into with distance. It was just like having him close by on the phone.

Cheryl:  What was different working with him from other doctors?


I actually think he knows more of not just traditional quick fixes. He actually takes the time to learn what causes some of these things, what’s behind them. After reading his book, I was like “Gal, this makes a lot of sense after years and years and reading all the testimonials and you’re like, that’s me, that’s me. I have this.” You get frustrated with doctors just shoving a pill at you. It’s not working, so there’s got to be something else underlying. That’s what I found refreshing, somebody that actually listens to you and doesn’t just want to give you a pill to shut you up.

Cheryl:  His approach really genuinely is about doing all the detective work. If there’s something he doesn’t know, he’s going to go find out over the weekend and come back to you on Monday and give you an answer.

Stacie:   I appreciate that he looks at the labs. Nobody is in perfect textbook numbers. It varies by person, and it was just wonderful to have somebody understand that … not just be like “Oh your thyroid is normal, so you should feel great.”

Cheryl: He really does treat his patients like they’re individuals instead of cogs. You even ended up referring somebody else to us too, because you had such a good experience.

Stacie:  Right, I referred my dad. He has started his treatment. Next week I think is his first phone call.

Cheryl:   Yeah, and we look forward to working with him too because you were so pleasant to work with.

Stacie:  Thanks. Saying thank you is not sufficient enough for what you all have done, but I do appreciate everything.

Cheryl:   We’re always so glad to hear that. It makes what we do worthwhile, that we can all feel like what we do is genuine here.

Stacie:  You do it well, keep it up.

Cheryl:  Thank you so much for sharing Stacie. I know this has been a little brief, but is there anything else you’d like to share with the folks that might listen to the call? Some of them may be trying to decide if working with Dr Murphree is the right thing for them or not. What would you say to those folks?

Stacie:  My thing is just give it a try. That’s what I told my husband. I don’t know how many thousands and thousands I’ve spent on doctors that were not helping me, and that’s just a phone call to see if he can help. I wish I had found him years ago. I’m sure y’all hear that constantly.

Cheryl:  We do, yeah.

Stacie:  It was a godsend and I appreciate y’all very much.

Cheryl:  Stacie, thank you very much for sharing your story. We really enjoyed working with you and you worked really hard. We’re so glad that you’re feeling better, and of course we’re always here if you need us.

Stacie:  That is great.

Cheryl:  Give us a call if you need anything.

Stacie:  I will do it.

Cheryl: Thanks so much.

Stacie: All right, see ya.

Cheryl:  Thanks Stacie, bye.


Hope to have you join us on the call tomorrow night!

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