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I wanted to share a very personal message with you about the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Thanks to self quarantine and relentless good hygiene the majority of the U.S. population won’t become infected with the corona virus. Those that do become infected, will most likely not have any serious issues, no worse than battling the flu. No fun but manageable.

However, there is a small group that will get the virus and have severe complications. This is especially true for those who are battling chronic health issues that may compromise their immune systems from fighting back the virus.

Those with underlying heart, blood pressure, blood sugar, or pulmonary problems are more vulnerable

My advice is to stay calm and get as HEALTHY AS YOU CAN as quickly as you can!

Practice prevention, good hygiene, isolation, and take any needed supplements to boost your immune system and to help you avoid infection.

Remember its the soil the germ or seed is planted that makes all the difference. Germs have a hard time growing in healthy soil. A healthy diet, saturating your cells with clean water, getting a good night’s sleep, resting when needed during the day, reducing stress, deep breathing exercises, positive thoughts, and if needed the appropriate immune boosting supplements will keep your cells, your soil, from becoming infected.

Here are the supplements I’m recommending to my patients to help them boost their immune system.

Reduce your stress! Take a break from the news and social media. Check it once or twice a day. But don’t wallow in it. Too much negative energy.

Take a deep breathe numerous times day and take stock of how you feel. If you feel stressed out, practice some deep breathing-deep breath in through your nose, counting to four, then exhale for count of eight, telling yourself all will be ok.

Repeat several times until you feel calmer.

Get enough sleep and rest. Take care of yourself. In fact consistent deep restorative sleep is crucial for reducing the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia-pain, fatigue, RLS, IBS, brain fog, anxiety, and depression.

Get your sleep corrected and you’ll see most of your symptoms will improve.

FREE Fibromyalgia Sleep Training Program 

I’m giving away my Fibromyalgia Sleep Training Program for Free to anyone who is willing to learn the life changing protocols.

This is the same training I give to my one on one patients and group coaching patients.

This is My GIFT to the fibromyalgia community. 

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Stay Calm. Get Healthy!

P.S. We will keep the 15% on the immune boosting supplements until the threat of the virus is gone. COUPON CODE:   IMMUNE15

–>  Here Are Supplements I Recommend For Boosting Your Immune System For Preventing And If Needed For Treating The Corona 19 Virus

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