(Pictures) Stay At Home Never Dull For My Family…


Its been both stressful and gratifying to be quarantined and working from home. If it wasn’t for some outdoor activities, some not as therapeutic as I hoped (see picture from downhill bike wreck and bleeding leg).

Eight weeks ago when my daughter who is a teacher and artist in Brooklyn called to tell us how bad it was in NY, we knew we had to fly her home ASAP. We were able to get her home two days later before it got REALLY bad. Fortunately the she is able to work from home (our home) teaching school on line. Harris (11) and Ridge (15) are doing their school work from home.

Weekdays we scatter throughout the house to stake out “our” office area, to do our work. We all do our thing working to navigate this stay at home routine. And despite some periodic distractions (see picture of the adorable Aussie named Saint), everyone is able to get their work done in time to meet for our family daily badminton game (pictures soon I promise) 5:30-7pm.

Dakotah and I love to cook, my wife Jill does not. Gourmet meals are the norm right now as we seek comfort in cooking and eating good food together (see Cumin, Red Curry, Chicken Masala).

After dinner its cards, movies or in bed with one of us reading with Harris.

On weekends we head to one of the local parks to bike, hike, picnic, and enjoy nature.

Last weekend Ridge and I spent an afternoon at Oak Mountain State Park down hill mountain biking. As you can see the warning sign was accurate.

On the third downhill run I got more air on a jump than expected, landed funny on the bike and to keep from going off 20 foot drop off, opted for the safety of a tree and a quick stop. The gear wheel spokes punctured my leg in several places.

No fun riding another 5 miles back to the car in pain with a blood soaked soak and squishy shoe.Its actually not as bad as it looks. Hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver gel, and arnica helped me avoid ER and stitches. Worth it to spend the day with Ridge. My wife Jill doesn’t know it yet but, but Ridge and I are going again next Saturday.

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  1. Andrea Winokur Kotula
    Andrea Winokur Kotula says:

    I’m glad that you and your son are enjoying the park there. Hopefully, people are paying attention to social distancing! All parks and beaches are closed in RI to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but we can still enjoy the outdoors in other ways.


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