(Wednesday Night’s Replay) Prevent Fibro Flares

By now you should be experimenting with the sleep protocols I covered in the special Tuesday Jump Start training. You can review this material by grabbing a free copy of my Sleep Program, it’s FREE, –> GO HERE.

Did you tune in for my special Fibromyalgia Awareness Presentation last Wednesday night?

If not or if you want to watch the replay you can do so here:

  • What Is Fibromyalgia?
  • What Causes it
  • Who Gets It and Why?
  • And most importantly how to Jump Start Your Health in order to over come it!!

Once you start using 5HTP and Delta Sleep, you should be getting deeper more restorative sleep. For some of you its been a long time since you’ve slept so well. This is the first step in dramatically reducing your fibro symptoms.

And once you’re sleeping better, and have less pain and more energy, you’ll most likely want to to do more….because you finally can. However, be careful not to over do it or you’ll trigger a fibro flare. To prevent fibro flares you’ll need to build up your stress coping glands, stamina and resistance to stress.

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FREE Training- Fixing Adrenal Fatigue and Preventing Flares

This is part 3 of a 4 part series. Tuesday May 26th Noon CDT


Also, JOIN US Wednesday Nights 6PM CDT on Facebook for our LIVE Fibromyalgia Q&A – Get Your Questions Answered! 



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  1. betty weissinger
    betty weissinger says:

    I hurt all over kness back shoulder all down my legs very week conditions rumor Tori arthritis real bad I take a lot of meds also restless legs muscle cramps really bad low immune system


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