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Fibromyalgia and Stress

young woman stressed and in pain dealing with fibromyalgia, Dr. Rodger Murphree can help.Those with fibromyalgia are notoriously under long term stress brought on by years of poor sleep, chronic pain, numerous health conditions, sedentary lifestyle, ill informed and sometimes unsympathetic doctors, friends, and family members. This stress is a vicious cycle increasing their risk of developing or increasing other symptoms, including chronic pain, low energy, poor sleep, brain fog, IBS, RLS, anxiety, and depression.

Add the stress of fibromyalgia to what is happening in the world right now and it becomes the perfect storm for fibro flares, increased risk of infection, anxiety, poor sleep, chronic pain, and more.
After 20 years specializing in Fibromyalgia, one of the most important, “first things,” needed to reduce your symptoms, is a calm mind. Given today’s events, it can be a real challenge. However, being “stressed out” bankrupts your stress coping chemicals causing more stress, pain, fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, IBS, and other symptoms associated with fibro.

Here Is My Presentation FROM Wednesday’s Q&A On How Stress Creates Fibro Symptoms

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Your State Of Mind Affects Your Health

Psychologists in the field of “psychoneuroimmunology” have shown that the state of our mind affects one’s state of health.

Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the relationships among the mind, brain, and immune system. Research in this area reveals how the brain uses the nervous system to communicate with every system in the body, including the immune system. But more importantly, it leads to an understanding of how thoughts, emotions, and the experiences they create can influence our overall health.

In the early 1980s, psychologist Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD, and immunologist Ronald Glaser, PhD, of the Ohio State University College of Medicine, were intrigued by animal studies that linked stress and infection. From 1982 through 1992, these pioneer researchers studied medical students.

Among other things, they found that the students’ immunity went down every year under the simple stress of the three-day exam period.

Test takers had fewer natural killer cells, which fight tumors and viral infections. They almost stopped producing immunity-boosting gamma interferon and infection-fighting T-cells responded only weakly to test-tube stimulation.

The test-takers had fewer of the natural killer cells that fight viral infections, and they almost stopped producing immunity-boosting proteins. Plus, their infection-fighting T-cells responded weakly in test-tube stimulations, according to the c).

Stress Makes Us Vulnerable To Infections

In one experiment, Sheldon Cohen, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the Carnegie Mellon University, gave 400 people a questionnaire designed to quantify the amount of stress they were under.
He then exposed them to nose drops containing cold viruses. Ninety percent of the stressed subjects caught a cold. They had elevated levels of corticotrophin releasing factor, which interferes with the immune system.

One of the best things you can do to boost your immune system and help your overall health, is reduce your stress. And, the place to start, is our minds. What we think becomes what we feel. Our thinking triggers chemical reactions, the good and the bad.

COVID 19 Isn’t Going Anywhere Soon.

COVID 19 is here to stay. It will eventually become the norm, like the seasonal flu or the common cold. Our bodies will, after a period of time (perhaps a few years) become more immune to the virus, reducing the severity of SARS-2.

Until the “herd immunity” happens, I recommend taking steps and or supplements to help calm you down, reduce stress and anxiety. The best defense for preventing viral infections is to get healthy. I’m recommending my patients take steps to boost their immune system.

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Wednesday July 1st – Fibromyalgia And Low Thyroid-What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You….

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  1. Pauline Fleet
    Pauline Fleet says:

    I would like to know how to relieve Chronic Pain-that I have all the time
    from waking.up to bedtime. I am lucky if I have.any sleep because the
    pain is so severe. As you know people with this kind of Pain is a cold
    bottle on the Pain side. I am very cold at night so I have a hot bottle on
    my other side for my Back which is also in pain. I am a member of Facebook.
    i have sent for your sleep details. Also I am reading your free chapters
    of your book. i will probably buy it when next in stock. I listen to your
    Tuesday Fibromyalgia programme.
    i would like to join in your discussion programme. Please let me know
    when it is on.
    Thank you. Pauline Fleet in Bolton Lancashire.
    Keep the good work up. it is so valuable to all the people who has these
    awful symptoms.


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