Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Fatigue: Low Energy, Brain Fog, Achy Pain, Stressed?

What was your adrenal fatigue stress score?

And did you get a chance to do the adrenal fatigue self test I recommend in the report? –> You can get a copy of the survey and FREE report below.

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Roberta Wiggins on Jun 26, 2020

I definitely experienced an increase in energy shortly after starting this supplement. After the first bottle (3 months) I no longer take it daily, but about 3 days/ wk. The Adrenal Cortex remains an important supplement for coping with my fibromyalgia. Thanks Dr. Murphree!



Julie P on Apr 27, 2020

I started with the Fibro pack, hoping that would help with my sleep issues. I still felt very fatigued upon arising. I started the Adrenal Cortex and the very next day I woke up feeling better than I have in a while. I’ll use it a few weeks and see if my adrenal fatigue test comes out better.



Starr Hendrix on Feb 10, 2020

This supplement has been the biggest game changer in my ability to cope with stress and overwhelming anxiety. While I was using some supplements to manage my chronic pain, the anxiety and ability to cope with stress was just not under control. This changed everything. Thank you Dr. Murphree!



Becca Keys on Nov 06, 2019

I took my bottle in to my Fibro Dr along with the book. My physician was so excited! She had actually never heard of Dr. Murphree before and spent at least 1/2 hour looking through the book. She even went online to purchase one for herself while I was in her office! The Adrenal Complex after two weeks has given me more energy I have cut my Adderall in half!! I am sleeping better even as I have less pain in my lower back and hips. I love that my physician is on board with me trying any of these supplements. Big thumbs up



Diane Hurd on Jul 24, 2019

I have been using this product for only 2 months and I am amazed at how I feel! I not only have increased energy, but I have hardly any pain and I am sleeping better at night. I wake up ready to meet the day and am able to sustain my energy level to do things I enjoy! Thank you, Doctor Murphree!

P.S. Did You take the Adrenal Fatigue Stress Survey and get your FREE Adrenal Report? If not you can do so here: 

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