Is Your Mouth making You Sick??

My friend, Shivan Sarna, is hosting a FREE online Dental Health Summit. I’ve been a guest on a couple of Shivan’s summits and I’m delighted to share this one with you. Shivan’s summits are always packed with interesting and enlightening information.

I’ve been cursed with dental problems my entire life, crooked teeth, multiple cavities, braces, and emergency root canals. No one like’s going to the dentist, especially me. I pledged my kids would never go through what I’ve gone through and have raised them to take meticulous care of their teeth.

And as you’ll learn it’s not just about cosmetics, brushing and flossing. Your mouth and gums are breeding grounds for unwanted bacteria and inflammation.

Did you know your mouth is one of the most important parts of your body?

Learn how your oral and dental health is interwoven with your total body wellness, when you…

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Think about it: Your mouth is a part of the rest of your body, the very beginning of your entire digestive system, close to the brain, and it’s where you express yourself verbally and visually. There’s a lot going on in there!

But in much of our world, oral and dental health gets very little attention. Sadly, the mouth is often treated as a separate part of the body that somehow doesn’t affect any other part of you.

The truth is, your mouth is just as much a part of the rest of your body as any other organ or system, and if you’re having oral or dental issues, they may manifest as symptoms somewhere else in the body. More importantly, you might not even know you’re having an issue in your mouth that could be causing other issues.

Discover ten of the most common signs of an oral or dental health imbalance that could be affecting your whole body health.

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Yes, you truly have the means to get started on better health today!

Dr. M

P.S. Enjoy learning from on Shivan’s important eGuide, 10 Signs Your Mouth Could Be Making You Sickwhen you unlock it now!

Dental-Health Connection Summit

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