You, We, Need This Now More Than Ever. It’s key for a successful life.

Dealing with a chronic health condition, whether an autoimmune disease, migraine headaches, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or fibromyalgia can take it’s toll and leave you exhausted, frustrated, and angry.

Totally understand if this rings true for you. I know from past injuries that kept me sidelined from the things I love (down hill mountain bike racing, pickle ball, tennis, and playing sports with my boys), having a chronic illness or injury can seem insurmountable. It can be a challenge to find the inner strength to overcome life’s setbacks.

If you’re suffering from poor health or chronic stress it can be easy (expected) to feel overwhelmed, pessimistic, and defeated.

However, as challenging as it can be to stay optimistic, it is key for long term success.

I find for my patients and myself, you get what you think about. As author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar used to say “stinkin thinkin leads to stinkin thinkin.”

Our thoughts control how well or how poorly we navigate life. There are always ups and downs. Those that realize they can change their life’s challenges by changing their thoughts have learned a key ingredient for a success fulfilled life!

With all the negative news in the world right now we need ALL the help we can get to protect our minds and souls from worry and despair.

I’m excited to share this new (AND FREE) resource with you – the Grumpy to Grateful 5-Day Mini Challenge – LIVE!

The best part – it’s FREE, ONLINE, and you can even join LIVE!

My friend and your Challenge host, Holly Bertone, is a breast cancer and Hashimoto’s (autoimmune) survivor.  After years of suffering with debilitating chronic fatigue, she hit rock bottom. She had to resign from a 6-figure job because she could barely get out of bed. 

Holly created the Grumpy to Grateful 5-Day Mini Challenge because she knows what it’s like to suffer in silence. She knows what it’s like to wake up every day and pray to have the strength to make it through the day. She knows what it’s like to go from being a superstar in life to feeling like a complete failure. And now she wakes up every day with a heart full of gratitude and a body full of fortitude, ready to face any challenge that life throws her way.

This is why Holly has asked me to partner with her, so that you can achieve 5 small victories during the challenge to set you up for a lifetime of gratitude. 

When you complete the Grumpy to Grateful 5-Day Mini Challenge, you will walk away with a proven methodology to activate your gratitude practice so that you can get over the hump, get out of the funk, and stop being a grump!

FREE eBook

This 12 Days of Chocolate and Gratitude eBook is your chance to enjoy 12 dairy free and gluten free chocolate recipes paired with gratitude and affirmations. 

Every day is a gift. Seriously. Ask anyone on their deathbed and they will agree. The key is to find the strength and insight you need to control your thoughts and attitudes.

Gratitude is THE BEST WAY to build resilience, fortitude, and grit during the storms of life. And chocolate… well that always makes every day a little brighter.

🡪Get Your FREE eBook: 12 Days of Chocolate and Gratitude!


When you unlock this gift, you will also reserve your seat for the FREE and online Grumpy to Grateful 5-Day Mini Challenge – LIVE – beginning Monday, February 14. When you join the challenge, you will walk away with a proven methodology to activate your gratitude practice so that you can get over the hump, get out of the funk, and stop being a grump!  

It’s time to make the ultimate shift from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the world around you to being grateful for the little things in life! 

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The Grumpy to Grateful Challenge is taking place online and FREE beginning Monday, February 14. RESERVE YOUR FREE SPOT

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