Q&A. Fibromyalgia Putting The Pieces of The Puzzle Together

I’m including the replay just in case who couldn’t attend. I covered a lot of ground explaining the key things you must do to correct the underlying causes of your fibro symptoms. The webinar focuses on the things you need to do to quickly reduce the majority of your fibro symptoms.

The Webinar covers:

  • The 4 corners of the fibromyalgia puzzle
  • What is fibro, what causes it, and the protocols to overcome it.
  • How to get a good night sleep
  • Why you’re so tired and protocols to reverse your fatigue
  • How to dramatically reduce or eliminate fibro flares
  • The specific protocols for dramatically reducing or eliminating irritable bowel and other GI conditions
  • How to quickly eliminate restless leg syndrome
  • What causes fibro fog and how to improve it
  • The best diet for reducing fibro symptoms
  • Tests I recommend to uncover the “missing pieces of the puzzle”
  • and much more!

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