One of The Stupidest Things Ever –

Absurd New Study Claims Eating Egg Yolks Is “Nearly as Dangerous as Smoking Cigarettes”

Did you read the sensational media headlines reporting that eating egg yolks increased carotid plaque and thus increases the risk of heart attack and stroke?

The authors of the “study” (really a simple questionnaire) found that “carotid plaque area increased linearly with age after age 40, but increased exponentially with pack-years of smoking and with egg-yolk years.” This led them to form a hypothesis—that egg yolks may cause plaque in much the way cigarette smoking does—and that regular consumption of egg yolks should be avoided by persons at risk of cardiovascular disease.

This is how medical myths start to take hold. This is like other medical myths full of junk science, biased views and promoted by those with monetary interests. This “study” may do to eggs what statin drugs (Lipitor) did to cholesterol. Eggs aren’t dangerous, unless they are spoiled. Eggs are in fact a health food and cholesterol is in fact a potent antioxidant needed for maintain healthy cells.

In fact: low cholesterol is more dangerous than high cholesterol.

Don’t believe me? It is all documented in the leading scientific medical journals-you can read more on my past blog:

This study and the media love fest is nothing more than yellow journalism.

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Don’t lump the tasty egg, the all purpose omelette, the Sunday morning quish, and the staple of many gourmet cooking sauces in with a known health robbing, cancer causing, inflammation generating, habit-smoking cigarettes.

This is as stupid as saying you shouldn’t eat any fat-remember the low fat, high carb diet days when we spent a decade gaining more weight than ever and drove our type II diabetes cases to record highs?

Medical misinformation creates medical myths. Please don’t be fooled by this “study” eat all the eggs you want.
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