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Listen to testimonials from patients in have finished working with me in my get healthy program – see bottom of this letter.

How Can I Sell You a Free Video?


I recently posted a FREE video letting folks know that I’d made a brand new on what I feel is the number one thing a person must do before they can reverse their fibromyalgia – you can see the video at the bottom of this page.


I then asked folks to supply their email to receive the FREE video explaining the number one thing you must do and why-hint deep sleep. The FREE video is available FREE of charge to anyone who wants to benefit from it. The only requirement to receive the FREE video was to supply an email so that the video could be sent to your email address.


From the Facebook posts I received you’d of thought I was asking for the person’s first born. People were aghast that I would ask them to take time out of their busy schedule and do something as laborious as supply their email to get FREE video that explains the NUMBER ONE thing for REVERSING THEIR FIBRO. Did I mention it was and is free?


Many wrote asked why I couldn’t tell them what the number one thing was. Why did they have to go to the trouble of supplying their email to get the information?


Many accused me of wanting to sell them something. 

Here is my reply to all who just didn’t get it.

fibromyalgia is stressful!

How can I sell you a free video? The point is to encourage you to be proactive, to take action and do something. Rather than simply giving information away as I’ve done in past- free books, teleconferences, articles, advice, audio replays, I was hoping to find out who is willing to change course, from being passive, doing the same things (same doctor, same drugs, which aren’t helping) or doing nothing day in and day out and expecting their fibro symptoms to improve.


To beat this illness and you can, you’ll have to be willing to be proactive, willing to learn what to and not to do. You’ll also have to think differently-traditional medicine and the traditional ways of treating disease by covering up symptoms doesn’t work for fibromyalgia.


You can be proactive by engaging me on Facebook, listening to free past or present teleconferences, reading my free eBook or free articles, free blogs, free posts on my website-all free of charge. Do you know of any doctor who gives away as much FREE information as I do? I don’t.


You can if you are ready to beat your fibromyalgia even schedule a consult with me. But no one is holding a gun to your head. It is your decision to invest your money in getting well or not.


Or if my natural oriented approach isn’t right for you, you can continue seeking another doctor.


But doing the same thing year after year isn’t working for most fibro patients. Their symptoms and health get worse year after year. They learn to cope with their illness, to settle, to compromise. This isn’t living, at least not how anyone would choose to live.


So if you are scared that I may sell you something, it is up to you to buy something by the way, but if after you study me, my methods, see yourself in the testimonials of patients I’ve helped, and then decide I make sense, then it will still be up to you to buy what I’m selling, which is health.


My Job, My Passion, How I Make A Living, Is Selling Health – Restoring Life To Those Who Are Often About to Give Up All Hope.


Yes, I charge for my consults. Yes I charge for the supplements I develop.


My service is helping others help themselves, some choose to gather as much FREE information as they can and apply it (great that is what it is for) others need or want more help and buy a book, others choose to work with me directly, some choose to do nothing … it is up to you but I can’t sell you a FREE Video.


First Thing To Know Video


Consults are available to those want to feel good again, get their life back, who want to stop doctor and remedy shopping, searching the Internet day and night for the “new magic cure,” and are ready to have me be their doctor and successfully coach them back to health like I have hundreds of other patients.


Click Here to Listen to Fibro Patient Testimonials

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  1. Cathy Nappi
    Cathy Nappi says:

    I watched your video “How to beat fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome” in which to advertise a Free copy of your book. The information stated that I could receive a copy via Kindle. However, I have not found a link for Kindle to order the Free copy. Please advise as to how I can do this.

    Thank you.


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