I Truly Appreciate It

dreaming of being healthy and fibro freeI truly appreciate the fact that I get to do what I love to do-help others feel good again.

You can listen to some great testimonials, here.

I truly appreciate your emails and Facebook posts.

I understand your hesitation to “trust” anyone proclaiming that they can help you feel good again. I know you’ve been to numerous doctors, tried numerous pills, diets, fads, and still don’t feel good.


You want to know how I can be any different? Am I for real and can I really help you?


It’s easy to feel like there is no hope so why even try. Or it “sounds to good to be true”, probably another scam. So discouraging to get your hopes up and then have another letdown. One more doctor, pill, fad that doesn’t help… Easy to see how you could become skeptical of any and all who offer you another “cure” for your fibromyalgia.



Yes, you can feel good again. You can get your life back. You can save your job, your marriage, your family life, your sanity, and add joy, zest, and purpose back into your life. I’ve witnessed first hand over and over again throughout my 17 PLUS YEARS of working hand and hand with my fibromyalgia patients.



For a limited time I’m offering $79 brief fibromyalgia consults. Here is your chance to see if I can help you like I’ve helped so many others.


If you are willing to take control of your life, your health, then these consults should help you answer these questions –

1. Do I know what I’m talking about?

2. Does what I’m saying make sense?

3. Can you trust me?

4. Can I help you?



You can continue to make excuses, be passive, and continue to let the life robbing, health draining beast known as fibromyalgia suck the life out of you month after month OR you can decide now, right now to invest 20 minutes in a phone call to see if I can help you get your life back. What do you have to lose? Time?


If you don’t do something now where will you be one year from now? Two years from now? Ten years from now? Do you want to spend another ten years dragging through another pain-filled, brain fog day, sleep-deprived day?



How would it feel to sleep through the night, every night? What would it feel like to wake up without pain (or at least drastically less pain)? My patients typically see 60-80% improvement in their sleep, pain, moods, energy, IBS, and brain fog within 4-6 weeks beginning care with me.


I’ve helped thousands feel good again.


Are you next?


Limited Brief Consults $79

Call today 205-879-2383



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