The Skeptic, The Hopeless, The Witch Hunter

“I am skeptical of any doctor that says they have the answer. If u have it why isn’t it documented and every doctor have it.  I have wasted so much money that I am scared to see u and spend more and more on tests and visits and more supplements. What can you say to me to change my mind. What would be the protocol after that 79 first visit? Do u file insurance?  Thank you”   — Deana


This is a typical email, one of many I receive from time to time, questioning my authenticity.

I understand. People have tried to find help and have been let down so many times, it is easy to be skeptical. But don’t let skepticism prevent you from finally obtaining what you are after, feeling good again.

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The Skeptic

Skeptics can’t imagine that one, there is a cure, and two that every doctor in America isn’t familiar with it.  First I offer no cure nor do I mention a cure in my  books, seminars, teleconferences, blogs, articles, or any correspondence.


However, yes you can REVERSE your fibromyalgia, feel good again, get your life back, and I’ve helped hundreds do so – but this is no cure, fibro is always lurking in the dark waiting for the person to get back under too much stress, get rundown, and breakdown, then return.


Traditional medicine doesn’t care about curing fibromyalgia, nor do drug companies, and they certainly don’t want to know about my all-natural protocols.

There are no drug companies beating a path to my door, no large medical associations calling on me, researchers ignore me-why, because there is no money in a “cure” or for that matter in reversing the symptoms of fibromyalgia with natural supplements.


The truth is the medical industry has sold out to the pharmaceutical industry, who controls the research dollars and therefore what is and what is not being printed and promoted. You’ll never hear your primary care doctor say “the only way to beat fibromyalgia is to get healthy.” You’ll hear me say it and say it over and over again-after 18 years specializing in fibro, it is the only thing that REALLY WORKS.


Deana, I UNDERSTAND, really I do.  Fibro sucks the life out of you.  Patients have been to doctor after doctor and taken handfuls of the latest, greatest new fibromyalgia drug or supplement, and feel little to no improvement.

After years of searching and being disappointed, who wouldn’t be skeptical?


You can listen to, and or read about, real live patients who I’ve helped reverse their fibromyalgia at the link at the bottom of this page.


No I usually don’t accept insurance, 85-90 percent of my practice is phone consults with patients around the world-phone consults aren’t covered by insurance.


The initial brief new patient consult is for the patient to get to know me, find out am I for real, do I know what I’m talking about, can I help them, and what I recommend. For me it allows me to do some detective work, decide if I can help the patient, and if so accept their case. I don’t accept every new patient into my practice only the ones I know I can help and know will do as I ask them to do.


The Hopeless

I’ve treated thousands of fibromyalgia patients over the last 18 years. I’ve been fortunate to have helped, thousands of patients to feel good again.


hypochondriac_or_really_sickUnfortunately, I can’t help every patient that I consult with or who I come into contact with me through my books, articles, videos, seminars, or teleconferences. I can’t help, so don’t accept them as patients, those who I know have given up all hope of ever feeling good again.


And unfortunately there is a large group of fibro patients who have been beaten down year after year by this terrible illness, been to numerous doctors, tried numerous pills, and continue to get worse every year. They lose all hope in ever feeling good again.


Sad, so very sad, that people don’t know they have other options besides drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, and more drugs-which for the most part don’t work and only create more problems.


I can’t help the truly hopeless they are resigned to living with their pain and poor health-“Know one can help me.” Their hopelessness is a dead end, one that most will never leave. Once they’ve resigned to never being well again, there is no amount of information, testimonial, or persuasion, to convince them otherwise.

These folks will often spend a large amount of time on support group chat suites commiserating with other hopeless folks-complaining about the newest drug they are taking and their daily woes.


The sad thing is that these folks would never be in this shape had they known early on that they could in fact reverse their fibro symptoms by focusing on getting healthy, not covering up symptoms with drugs.


The Witch Hunters

Like the Salem witch hunters in the late 17th century, there are those who through ignorance or sheer brainwash have come to believe that their illness and fibromyalgia can’t be helped.


This group likes to ridicule, tar and feather, and refute anyone who would dare offer up that yes those with fibromyalgia can feel good again. They like to remind anyone who will listen that fibromyalgia can’t be cured.


They are quick to ridicule any doctor, product or therapist that hints of reversing fibromyalgia. So firmly embedded is their conviction that fibromyalgia is a life sentence of doom and gloom, this group can’t begin to believe even for a second that there may be relief from their life of misery. They like to complain that there isn’t anything or anyone who can help fibromyalgia. They have accepted their fate.


This group controls most support groups and is quick to squash any posts that have a positive tone to it. Products, doctors, therapies that are reported as helpful are labeled as quackery, only existing to prey on the misfortune, desperate fibromyalgia sufferers who we all know are doomed to a life of misery.


This, by the way, is the main reason I stopped speaking at support group meetings and never join support group chats – burned too many times trying to be helpful.


For the witch hunters who don’t think anyone can beat fibromyalgia, please listen to or read testimonials from, some of my favorite patients-patients who didn’t give in to the false belief that you can’t ever reverse fibromyalgia.


Thankfully …

Thankfully there is a growing group of fibromyalgia patients who have become discouraged with the status quo of ineffective traditional medicine, and while discouraged still believe they can feel better. This group is proactive. They don’t let what or if their insurance pays for it determine which specialists they see or what pills they take. They don’t settle for “living with it.” They ignore the doom and gloom, seek out helpful information, and work with practitioners who help them.


Click here to listen to my patients share their success stories

You can also read more testimonials from my patients here

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  1. Lisa S. Ammons
    Lisa S. Ammons says:

    I’m very interested in you. I used to be an R.N. til I got sick. I had to quit the profession I loved and payed my bills. Been sick since 1995. I understand supplements, but unless u were willing to prescribe pain medication until I overcome the horrible condition,using ur methods, I would be extremely skeptical to embark on this journey, [ you do understand, I’m sure. ] For years I’ve studied herbs and supplements. In the beginning of my illness I tried everything. I even made trips to B’Ham to see the famous ‘yeast DR’. No avail. I am, to say the least, skeptical. But, for me the pain control is mandatory.I would prefer NOT to have to take pain meds.,believe u me! I am on S.Sec.Disability. so lots of money put out on supplements, is not feasible for me, unfortunately.I take C, vit. D. omega3.and a thymus supplement now. I really like the sound of your theory. I have had a suspicion that I had hypothyroidism for many yrs.but because of the test parameters,I could never convince a Dr. to prescribe a supplement of thyroid. P.S. I also take a B-50 supp.

  2. Angela
    Angela says:

    I, too, have been struggling a lot lately. It has been really hard deciding whether to try to keep working or try and apply for disability. Not sure I would actually receive it, but I have several diagnoses along with fibromyalgia. I also have vidaligo, pernicious anemia, chiari malformation, hashimotos thyroiditis, and suffer from bipolarity. Several physicians have tried a combination of medications but I am still suffering from daily pain, depression, and some cognitive issues. Just not the same person I was, say five years ago. It is really affecting my marriage as well and my husband and others seem to think this is just “all in my head.”. “Just go exercise, you will feel better.”. This is what my rheumatologist has told me too. If they only knew how hard it was to get out if bed most days. Arguments are brought about because of my doctor and medical bills, so at the moment just can’t afford to do anything else.


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