Cardiologist Tells Patient That My book "Heart Disease: What Your Doctor Won't Tell You" Should be Banned!

The following is a letter a received from one of my long distance patients.

Dear Dr. Murphree,

“I wanted to write and let you know just how well John is doing. As you know he had been complaining no energy (sic), poor memory, breathing problems, depression, and all over achy pain for almost 2 years.

He had been to lots of doctors but none seemed to help. After you suggested we read your new book about heart disease I ordered it and couldn’t put it down once I started reading it.

I read it twice because I just couldn’t believe what you were saying. I found it to be so interesting.

John had been on Lipitor and Cardizem for almost 3 years and it never occurred to us that his poor health may be from taking his heart drugs.

Within 2 weeks of starting youur healthy heart supplements and stopping these drugs John felt better than he has in years. Thank you for helping me get my old husband back.

I showed your book to my medical doctor and he said it should be thrown in the trash and banned from the bookstores.

I made sure to get it back from him because I want my sister to read it and get off her high blood pressure medications. I don’t care what my doctor says John is doing great and I’m so thankful.”

God bless you,

Ann L.


I’m sure Ann’s doctor won’t be the only doctor wanting to ban my Heart Disease book. I may have to go into hiding like Salman Rushdie did when he wrote, The Satanic Verses.

“Each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand mediocre minds appointed to guard the past.”  -Maurice Maeterlinck


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Wishing you and your family health and happiness,

Dr. Rodger Murphree

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