Fibromyalgia: Covering Up The Symptoms Won’t Work You May Have A Stupid Doctor – Part 2

beautiful 35 year old woman stands in front of the windowWith fibromyalgia there are so many symptoms that if you try to cover up each of the symptoms with a different prescription medication, you run the risk that of creating more symptoms because of the side effects of the medications. A drug t put you to sleep. A drug to wake you up, a drug to speed you up, a drug to calm you down-drugs for pain, depression, and then drugs for the drug side effects. It just never ends. You can’t drug your way out of fibromyalgia. There are to many symptoms to cover up.

And just as bad, are doctors who don’t understand fibromyalgia.

If you encounter a doctor that tells you that you need to get more sleep or you need to exercise, well you would love to exercise … many of my patients relate that that’s one thing they miss the most. Before they came down with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, they used to very active. Some of them were top athletes before all this happened. It’s one of the saddest things that now not only can they not exercise, but for them it’s a herculean chore just to walk down the driveway some days and retrieve their mail.

For many, they’re even given up going to the grocery store. They’ve given up on doing any kind of physical exertion because they’re concerned that if they overdo it, they’re going to pay for it. That’s what happens a lot of times with fibromyalgia because you’ve bankrupted your stress coping chemicals, stress is magnified and when you over do, it, you don’t have the stamina – whether that’s stamina for physical stress, going out and shopping all day or going to the grocery store, or walking around the block even. It’s also mental stress as well; forget doing your checkbook, but even stimulation or any kinds of stressor like changes in the weather; traffic jams, loud noises, sound, light … all those things are stressors.

When you have depleted your stress coping chemicals, it’s magnified. Unfortunately while exercise is a really healthy thing, it’s still a stress. It’s a good stress because for people who don’t have fibromyalgia, it’s an incredible healthy thing to do. But if you’ve bankrupted your stress coping chemicals, then you can’t handle any additional stress. That’s one of the things you’ve got to fix. If you have adrenal fatigue, your stress coping glands are not working to release cortisol and DHEA, you’re going to find that stress is so magnified that we have little to no resistance to it. If you overdo it, you crash.

This young woman is going through some tough timesSome doctor’s will tell you to exercise more, and they don’t have a clue what that patient is going through.

They don’t realize that for many patients with fibromyalgia, it was like running a marathon just to get up, to put their makeup on, get dressed, get in the car and oftentimes be driven in the car to go see the doctor, wait in the waiting room and have all the stress that goes with that, and then to meet with the doctor knowing that this doctor may be like every other doctor who may dismiss them as being hypochondriac … that’s an incredibly difficult thing to do. For that doctor to tell them you just need to exercise more-that shows me they don’t have a clue. It’s just a doctor that is very, very ignorant.

Many doctors will say you just need to lose weight; some patients that I work with are carrying over 100 extra pounds.  Part of the reason that is, is because they have a problem with their thyroid that’s never been corrected. It’s never been found because doctors are not doing the right testing.

They’ll look at that patient and come to the erroneous conclusion that “You overeat, you don’t take care of yourself and because you’ve got all this extra weight, that’s your problem.” What they don’t realize is this extra weight is not the problem. It’s a byproduct of the problem, but the problem is that the patient’s metabolic system broke down years ago. Because of that, it doesn’t matter what they eat or don’t eat, they’re going to gain weight.

Pills rxCompound that with the problem that many patients are taking medications that actually increase weight gain, including Lyrica, Gabapentin, Pregablin, Neurontin, Seraquil, benzodiazepines, certain antidepressants.

For a doctor to look at a patient and say this person is just overweight and this is why they hurt or have fibro, they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. It’s not that their problem is that they are overweight, it’s the other way around. They are overweight because of their problem a low metabolism brought on by depleted stress coping chemicals and a stressed out broken down hypothalamus gland.

It’s like a doctor saying you’re depressed, so all you need is some Celexa, Savella,Cymbalta, Prozac or Paxil and you’re going to feel better. That’s a stupid doctor because what they don’t realize is, fibromyalgia is not brought on by depression. Depression is brought on by fibromyalgia.

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10 replies
  1. Monica
    Monica says:

    Oh how I would love to be myself again. My pain management Dr thinks it is all in my head. I have fibro,ibs,bursitis, chronic fatigue, and disintegrated bone disease. I feel this all stems from a surgery I had on my lower spine 6 years ago. It was all downhill from there. The next year my gallbladder ruptured and that was another pain in the but. Finally a few months back I had to have a hysterectomy because of endometriosis.

  2. Jeannie Bennett
    Jeannie Bennett says:

    Finally! Something that makes since. Thankfully I have not fallen victim to taking a lot of meds. However I do take trazoodone and tramadol and that seems to me from totally losing my mind. I deal with a lot of pain and fatigue. I just want to to what I used too. Holidays are the worse. I’ve found I’m not dependable and that has really messed my mind up. So frustrating.

  3. Mary Norris
    Mary Norris says:

    I’ve been through some of what’s talked about here. But losing weight does help with fibromyalgia and I know it’s a struggle exercising is hard to. But having a lot of weight on your body can contribute to having more pain with the fibromyalgia. I live in Burbank Washington just outside the tri-cities where side from my rheumatologist who diagnosed me I finally have a good primary care doctor and other doctors that treat my fibromyalgia. I can say this the meds do help relieve the daily pain I’m in not completely but I’m thankful for that little bit of relief.
    And the thing with sleep is another thing most whom suffer with fibromyalgia have in common and its because they are not hitting the deep sleep which helps heal the body. You do give valid points which most with fibro go through but just because you’ve been a doc treating fibromyalgia for a year doesn’t make you an expert sorry to say.

  4. Patricia Hendricksen
    Patricia Hendricksen says:

    Seattle Fibromyalgia International Team …30 years of healthcare advocacy and Ombudsman, producing and directing national medical-patient CME conferences and major movement reformer, would very much like to connect with you. Anyway we can talk on phone?

  5. Brenda Kennedy
    Brenda Kennedy says:

    I was fine until 7 years ago breast cancer radiation cymbalta Lyrica neurontin and Xanax menopause severe hot flashes crying weight gain and just exhaustion. My life has became miserable and now doctors are sending me to counseling making me feel worse. No sleep bad appetite and chronic pain. Blood work and Endo won’t see me. It is my metabolism but no one will listen. I need help I know my body and something is wrong.


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