Fibromyalgia Doom And Gloom

Sleeping pills on bedside tableI have specialized in treating, writing about, and teaching others doctors about fibromyalgia, for almost two decades. In the early days of fibromyalgia, most doctors, nor their patients, knew what the illness was, some chose to dismiss it as “all in your head.”

Eventually more and more doctors came to realize that fibromyalgia was real. As more and more folks were diagnosed with fibromyalgia drug companies saw an opportunity where none had existed. The first drugs for fibromyalgia were launched. Cymbalta an antidepressant and then Lyrica, a drug first promoted for seizures, then nerve pain, were marketed with million dollar ad campaigns, as the answer for fibromyalgia. Both have been successful, at least financially. Both have become billion dollar sellers. Neither has been of much help, at least long term, for the majority of fibromyalgia patients. And both have a long list of potential side effects, a few these include weight gain, stomach issues, anxiety, depression, diffuse pain, and fibro fog.

Doctors initially bought the hype of the drug companies and their sales reps, who promoted these drugs with free lunches, gourmet dinners and trips to exotic locations all in the name of education. And since doctors had found that nothing else had helped with their fibro patients, they were all too eager to drink the purple Kool-Aid and believe there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Maybe these new drugs will work. Unfortunately, as time went on, they realized, like the majority of their patients, these drugs don’t offer long term relief as promoted. And they are often the cause of harmful, life draining side effects.

Conventional medicine came to realize that there was no “one cause” of fibromyalgia and therefore no “cure “ for fibromyalgia. The goal then became to manage the symptoms with drug therapy. Covering up the symptoms only leads to more symptoms and more drugs. You can’t drug your way out of fibromyalgia.

Most mainstream doctors if they believe in fibromyalgia, and many still don’t, have come to the false conclusion that the only option for those with fibromyalgia is to learn to live with it.

Woman at night suffering from insomniaThis doom and gloom mentality has permeated throughout the fibromyalgia community in the last few years. It is widely accepted that once you are diagnosed with fibro you’ll suffer for the rest of your life. You are doomed for life.

How incredibly sad and demoralizing that they tell you no matter if you are 20 or 70 years old, once you have fibromyalgia, you’ll have to learn to live with it. Of course learning to live with it means taking numerous drugs and struggling to make it through the day. They have a cure for hepatitis, strep throat, ulcers, and other illnesses, but not for fibromyalgia. Drug therapy alone doesn’t work. So they must tell you to “learn to live with it.”

 Learn to live with it.

Learn to live with the chronic pain, fatigue, irritable bowel, low moods, and brain fog. Learn to live day to day, not knowing if this is going to be a good day or a bad day. Learn to live with days and days of foggy thinking and overwhelming exhaustion. Learn to live with not being able to make plans-you never know if it is going to be good day or bad day. The whether may change or you might not sleep the night before, or you may experience some unforeseen stress and have a flare.

Pretty soon you are a recluse, scared to go leave your house for fear you’ll have a flare up of your symptoms.

This is not living! This is surviving!

But this is what many with fibromyalgia patients have been told, and worse accepted as their fate in life. Learn to live with it for the next 20, 30, or 40 years.

Sad, while not true, most believe if you have fibromyalgia you are doomed for life.

And just as sad, there is a very loud and very passionate group, who will tell you or anyone else that trying to beat fibromyalgia is a waste of time and money.

They are quick to ridicule any doctor, product or therapist that hints of helping those with fibromyalgia. So firmly embedded is their conviction that fibromyalgia is a life sentence of doom and gloom, this group can’t begin to believe even for a second that there may be relief from their life of misery.

This group controls most support groups and is quick to squash any posts that have a positive tone to it. Products, doctors, therapies that are reported as helpful are labeled as quackery, only existing to prey on the misfortune, desperate fibromyalgia sufferers who we all know are doomed to a life of misery.

Don’t Listen To Them!

Thankfully there is still a group of fibromyalgia patients who have become discouraged with the status quo of ineffective traditional medicine, and while discouraged still believe they can feel better. This group is proactive. They ignore the doom and gloom, seek out helpful information, work on getting healthy and find practitioners who help them.

Can You Beat Fibromyalgia?

Thousands of patients who have worked with me one on one over the years have in fact beaten fibromyalgia. I didn’t say cure. Because I believe fibromyalgia is always there, waiting to raise its ugly head. The only way to beat fibromyalgia is to get healthy and stay healthy. This is the ONLY thing that works. And there is no one size fits all. But yes it is possible to feel good again!

I Have Helped Thousands Beat Fibromyalgia. Are You Next?

Here are just a few of my patients, who working with me, have gotten healthy and have beaten fibromyalgia. You can read or listen their stories and others at the link below.

These Patients Beat Fibromyalgia, Can You?


I could no longer get out of bed for almost a year.   I tried to participate in life, but it was too hard on most days.  The days I got out of bed, I would work so hard to get things done I’d put myself in a flare up for weeks.  Most people would see me working and couldn’t understand how I could do that one day and be in bed the next.  It’s a hard thing to explain to those who don’t suffer from this disease.

After being on Dr. Murphree’s program for 5 months I was feeling really good.  I lost over 40 pounds, pain levels were low, fatigue was so much better, my fog was gone, IBS gone, sleeping 6-8 hrs a night, overall.  I could actually look forward to getting up in the morning instead of dreading it!  I know I will always have Fibro, but now I can live life like other people. [read more]



For about 7 years I had not been feeling well and had gone to numerous doctors trying to get some answers to my health ailments. My symptoms included extreme fatigue, bursitis in my hips, and general pain all over. I went to many different doctors, and had multiple blood tests done, all of which I was told were normal.

I knew something was drastically wrong with me, but the doctors didn’t seem to have a clue. In October of 2011 I became deathly ill, and was totally bed ridden. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t sure I would pull through. I lay in bed and felt like every organ in my body was being attacked. At 52 years old, I didn’t want my life to end yet.

It is now 6 months later, and I myself can’t even believe how much better I am than I was when I first met Dr. Murphree.

I have energy and can make it through the day without going back to bed, whereas before, I could only be up for a short time before laying down again. I am doing everything I used to do again. In fact, we have been on vacation in the mountains this month, and I have done everything from hiking to biking and canoeing! My husband and I have commented over and over about how different things are from just a few months ago. [read more]



“I’m 42 now so I’ve been dealing with this for 30 years. I have been to every type of doctor. The doctors would refer me to somebody else and nobody wanted to mess with it. They would try pain pills which didn’t do anything at all. I don’t have joint pain or muscle pain, I have a lot of nerve pain. Most of my nerve pain is in the back of my body; for some reason it just is, the bottom of my feet, the back of my legs, my back of course, and down the backs of my arms. Sitting is miserable, laying is miserable, standing is miserable …. It was very frustrating and finally March I think, I was supposed to take my son to Disney world for spring break and I just couldn’t. I couldn’t get out of bed. I had been off work for 6 weeks and then I ended up being off work for about 4 months … that’s kind of how I would function. I would function until I just could not go anymore. I would be in bed with the pain, then I would get depressed and then it just a horrible cycle. I would barely keep my job. I would have to really depend on my parents to help me with my son. It was just no way to live.

I think the first time that I talked to you, at the end of the conversation I said I have a 10 year-old son and I can’t live like this.

You said, “You don’t have to, I can help you.” [read more]


Read or listen to other success stories by clicking the link below:


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13 replies
  1. Shannon Scott
    Shannon Scott says:

    I am drug free for two years now.
    Do you use medication?
    Or all natural?

    Why $129.00 up front?
    I have medical insurance and Medicare?

  2. Rose Anne Messina
    Rose Anne Messina says:

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2008. It took 8 years to diagnose. I have been in the midst of a flare for quite some time and I am over it. I have unspeakable pain.

  3. Christene Belcher
    Christene Belcher says:

    Take Xanax and ambien to help me sleep. Is fibromyalgia an inherited thing also. Take magnesium and B-vitamins to gety energy.

  4. Elizabeth K
    Elizabeth K says:

    How do I know that you are a legitimate , licensed Doctor . Can I see credentials and confirm them. I was scammed before by a site like yours and I am now very cautious .

    • Dr. Rodger Murphree & Team
      Dr. Rodger Murphree & Team says:

      After treating fibromyalgia patients for almost two decades, writing three books on fibromyalgia, and teaching other doctors, writing peer reviewed medical articles about fibromyalgia, I’m very real. You can call the clinic 205-879-2383 to learn more

  5. Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia says:

    My hips and legs, knees, and feet hurt so much, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 5 months ago, I take savella for it , but its not working, is there anything I could do to stop this pain?

  6. Julia S.
    Julia S. says:

    I love this idea to get a handle on fibro. Considering all the surgery I’ve had for back and neck, I have trouble doing everything expected of me. I’m almost 70 years old. If my family read this article they would expect a miracle from me. If it doesn’t happen, I’m a failure. I do what I can do and that’s all I can do.


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