Understanding Fibromyalgia (Video)

(updated Nov. 2020)

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  1. Nancy Barr
    Nancy Barr says:

    I have good days and bad days. Its hard to plan trips and things and people dont understand. Thank you for your work on this.

  2. Kimberly Hellmann
    Kimberly Hellmann says:

    Great video Dr. Murphree! Your knowledge gives me hope that I’ll beat this someday…and your books and your seminars and your answering questions on your weekly FB lives, tells me you not only understand what people like me are dealing with but that you care…and that is something extremely rare for us who suffer with this insidious, debilitating, problem…thank you for that.. and for making this video to help our friends and loved ones to understand! God Bless you and yours!

  3. Janet Bolton
    Janet Bolton says:

    Your video describes me several years ago, before I changed to a clean diet, before I made it my mission to reduce stress, before I made self care (including a bedtime ritual to prepare myself for a good night’s sleep) an essential priority and before I drastically reduced or weaned myself off harmful (think side effects) Rx drugs. Today I am so much better, healthier and happier. My flare-ups are infrequent and much less debilitating. I’m still working on moving more and I still need to relocate to a better climate for me, but that will happen. My purpose in sharing this is to let you all know there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel! Don’t ever give up. ; )

  4. Tracey cook
    Tracey cook says:

    I have had this 14 years an so sorry but I don’t feel sexy anymore. So glad I have a lovely husband’ and he understands it so much. Have horrible days this is good to see as no one understands it properly. M.E awful can’t beat it so to say.

  5. Kiran
    Kiran says:

    Hi there doctor I have having so much trouble sleeping and yes I achy all over. I have listened to your video and I’m amazed if you can help me I feel like you understand our pain.


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