Life Is A Beach 

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Life Is A Beach

Earlier this summer my family and I got to spend time in beautiful St. Simons Island Georgia . Here are some pictures and a short video clip of my two boys having fun at the beach (my daughter Dakotah was still in New York for school 🙁).

Periodically I love getting away from all the craziness that life can be at my house and clinic-coaching or supervising my kids in soccer, baseball, lacrosse, golf lessons,  and writing, speaking, and treating patients can take it’s toll. So spending time with my family is a real treat.

One the things my boys love to do is “play with dad.” There’s not a lot of toes in the sand, reading a good book time for me…..I’m in demand for flag football, frisbee, surfing, or body surfing, from the time we reach the beach until we leave. It can be a long, but incredibly fun day.

I’m so thankful I’m in such good health and get to play, like a kid, with my kids. I know they’ll remember these times for the rest of their lives.

Life Is Fun! And It Goes By So Fast! Don’t Miss It

Are there things you wish you could do but can’t? Fibromyalgia can slowly rob you of life’s pleasures, including spending time with family and friends.

Most doctors will tell you to learn to live with it. I won’t! I want you to learn how to overcome it.

If your struggling to have a healthy, fun filled life, I’d love to help.

You can learn more about phone consults here:

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These patients and hundreds of others who’ve worked personally with me have in fact beaten their fibromyalgia. You can read or listen to their stories by clicking the link below:


Cynthia's Story

Janna's Story


Robin's Story

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