My doctor said my thyroid was normal, but….

It is not unusual for patients to tell me that despite having all the symptoms associated with low thyroid, they have been tested over and over again for hypothyroidism but their tests are normal and their doctor tells them they are fine.

Well you and your doctors should realize that you aren’t normal!

Normal blood work doesn’t mean anything, it is only the start, the beginning of the investigation. Those with fibro and or CFS are different, strange, weird…. OK special! Their biochemistry is different. It is no wonder they often have “low normal” or “high normal” blood work which in their case suggests they are in positive for that test. Blood tests are based on samples from normal population or samples. You are special and your blood work needs to be scrutinized for any clues, otherwise you fall through the cracks.

The herd mentality of the lazy doctor is all too happy to recommend a mood elevating antidepressant, stimulating amphetamine like Ritalin, sleep study, pain pill or high cholesterol medication for the symptoms of low thyroid, missing the real problem, the cause – hypothyroid itself. I believe the “art” of doctoring is taking the time to do the appropriate detective work, the time to figure what the cause or causes are. We shouldn’t merely treat symptoms because it is “what we do.” Patients are more than an ICD insurance code, they are real live human beings, as unique and different on the inside as they are on the outside-there is no one test fits all!

Cindy wrote,

“I’ve felt miserable for 14 years, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypothyroid, I had it all. My problems began after I had a hysterectomy. I was never the same after the surgery, I felt rundown, weak and I started having problems with poor sleep and lots of pain. I could barely get out of bed. I gained 30 pounds the first 2 years after the surgery, my hair was falling out, I became depressed and totally withdrawn from the world. I went to doctor after doctor and finally I was diagnosed first with fibromyalgia and then with a hypothyroid condition.

I was put on all sorts of drugs including Synthroid for my thyroid. Every 3-4 months I’d have blood work to check my thyroid and my endocrinologist would say everything looks good keep doing what you’re doing. How could everything be good? I was still gaining weight, had now gained a total of 60 pounds in last 5 years, my hair was falling out, I was tired all the time, and I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. Something had to change. I met Dr. Murphree at a lecture in St. Louis, I knew he was someone who knew what I was going through and who could fix me.

He ran lots of tests and found that my thyroid medicine wasn’t working so he added an over the counter thyroid supplement to help it work properly. I felt better in a week. He then placed me on adrenal cortex supplements, vitamins, minerals, and a sleep formula. Six weeks later I was sleeping through the night, had more energy, less pain, and felt better than I had in years. I lost 14 pounds the first 2 months and

40 pounds while on his anti-inflammatory weight loss diet.  Thank you Dr. Murphree.”


If you are struggling with fatigue, weight gain, low moods, cold hands, cold feet, hair loss, constipation, low body temperature (below 97.8), elevated cholesterol, and brain fog, you most likely have some low thyroid issues. This could be true hypothyroid (elevated TSH), inactive T4 hormone not converting into active thyroid hormone T3, or you’ve got the beginning of an autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (elevated thyroid antibodies TPO and TGB).

If you suspect you are suffering with a low thyroid condition find a functional medicine doctor who will recommend specialized thyroid blood work.

I have an entire updated chapter on thyroid disorder in Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, including a detailed list of what labs your doctor *should* be ordering, and what they mean.

Or I’ve created this special thyroid academy to walk you through exactly what steps you should be taking to ensure proper thyroid health, Click here to learn more about the Thyroid Academy.

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