Mystery Symptom Summit: You CAN Overcome Fibromyalgia!

Excerpt from Holly Bertone Video Interview:

“It is with great pleasure that I wanna introduce our next speaker on the Mystery Symptom Summit. Let’s welcome Dr. Roger Murphree. We’ll be discussing fibromyalgia and mystery pain. In this interview you will learn what is fibromyalgia, what causes mystery pain, what do pain and chronic fatigue have in common, and what are the steps to healing fibro? Dr. Roger Murphree, welcome to the Mystery Symptom Summit. I am thrilled to have you here with us today.  Well, Holly, I’m delighted to be here. I can’t wait to share my favorite subject, talking about fibromyalgia, and more importantly how to overcome it…” — WATCH VIDEO ABOVE NOW.


Interested in reading the full transcript of this interview? CLICK HERE.


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