Let’s “Talk” About Fibromyalgia with Drs. Schneider, Teitelbaum & Rawlings

HealthMeans has unlocked some of their most influential interviews about fibromyalgia — gain insights from 3 well-known health experts in this full-length transcripts eBook!

There is SO MUCH to be learned from these 3 interview transcripts — including amazing insights from these icons in natural health and wellness who have made it their mission to help heal the world!

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In this 37-page document, you’ll learn about:

  • “Fibromyalgia: Diagnosis Is Half the Cure” with Dr. Michael J. Schneider
  • “Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Illness and Pain” with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
  • “Fibromyalgia: A Food and Lifestyle-Based Recovery” with Dr. Deidre Rawlings

Here are some quotes from the interviews:

Michael J. Schneider, PhD, DC

“If you have a family of five people, one or two of those family members might be very sensitive kind[s] of people, and one or two may not be. It’s those sensitive type of people that are the ones that tend to develop fibromyalgia type symptoms when they’re exposed to multiple prolonged stress. That’s what we’re talking about here, not just a single incidence typically. It could be a low level of stress over a long period of time. Or it could be one really, really terrible thing that happened.”

Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

“I’m not against medicines and surgery. I’m just against the way they’re used in this country, which is based almost entirely on profitability and not on science and sanity. I want the whole toolkit. Medicine is like the hammer. And there’s a time for a hammer. But if all you have is a hammer — which is how it is for most doctors — everybody who walks into your office ends up getting pounded and feeling like a nail.”

Deidre Rawlings, ND, PhD

“There’s always a digestive system component involved. And if you think about it, the digestive system is the one that nourishes and supports all of the other 9 body systems. So you can’t have fibromyalgia and not have some kind of digestive system component, which is not unusual when you think about the standard American diet that people are eating. We’re eating so many processed foods and lots of chemicals.”

As you can see, these transcripts are full of worthwhile perspectives and protocols of the trade, so I hope you’ll take a moment to download them today.

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Dr. M

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