Talking about fibromyalgia w/ Dr. Liptan, Niki Gratrix & Dr. Caplan

Unlock these interview transcripts from my Fibro Summit, and gain insights from Dr. Genevra Liptan, Niki Gratrix and Dr. Tiffany Caplan!

Over the course of recording the interviews for The Fibro Summit, I uncovered a number of incredible health tips and tactics from more than 30 experts — researchers, practitioners and doctors — on the front lines of improved health and happiness.

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These full-length interview transcripts are chock full of those pearls of health wisdom.

Here are quotes from Dr. Genevra Liptan, Niki Gratrix and Dr. Tiffany Caplan:

Genevra Liptan, MD

“Our healthcare system is pretty broken. Your average doctor sees a patient for what, five, 10 minutes? So I tell people you’re going to have to do some of the work and research yourself and maybe bring that information to your doctor or maybe seek out an alternative type provider, somebody that’s trained in functional medicine, somebody that has an expanded viewpoint because conventional medicine offerings for fibromyalgia are slim at best.”

Niki Gratrix, BA, Dip ION, NANP

“Early life stress is a big risk factor for the vast majority of all chronic complex illness. And it’s showing up in the data for fibromyalgia, as well. And the thing about early life stress is it often goes unreported, and people are often unaware that they’ve actually had a degree of developmental trauma. And it’s a risk factor, meaning that it sets up the propensity for a chronic illness in adulthood.”

Tiffany Caplan, DC, CFMP, BCIM, IFMCP

“We lose tolerance to our food or our environments and different things due to things like leaky gut. We know that stress causes leaky gut and the gut becomes too permeable. And when it becomes too permeable, our immune system now is getting exposed to too many things on a regular basis. And so, it can start to be over-reactive and cause reactions to things that are not necessarily harmful. So let’s say you eat broccoli every day, but you have leaky gut and an overactive immune response. You can have a sensitivity to broccoli. So now you think you’re doing this good thing, and it’s actually causing more stress in the body.”

As you can see, these transcripts are full of worthwhile perspectives and protocols of the health trade, so I hope you’ll take a moment to download them today.

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Dr. M

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