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I hope you’re enjoying your day! I’m drawn to talented performers and athletes no matter the media or sport. It gives me a lift to see folks find their passion and use their God given talents to connect with others. You don’t have to be a professional athlete or performer to reach others. Perhaps one of your talents is being the person who routinely says a kind word or lends a helping hand to someone in need.

It’s amazing how talented each and everyone one of us are. God created us to be special. We all have special gifts.

+  My daughter Dakotah is a gifted writer and artist working on films.

+  My 16-year old son Ridge is a natural actor who excels in drama and film.

+  Harris my 12-year-old routinely wins chess and debate tournaments, pitches near perfect baseball games, plays competitive pickleball with me and other adults.


It’s easy to forget how talented and gifted we are. Life often beats us down and causes us to focus on what we can’t do or what we aren’t good at. Take time to stop and remember and celebrate all the wonderful things your good at.  You really are a special person! Don’t forget it!

Here’s a little pick-me up:



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  1. Jeanne
    Jeanne says:

    We’re are all special in some way and have our own talents. Many times it may take certain people longer than others to be able to display them because they have been given more obstacles to overcome but once they overcome those challenges in life they become stronger people, gain more skills and when their freedom is attained-Watch Out!💥👌🏻


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