The Freedom From Fibromyalgia Summit 2023 is LIVE!!

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Thousands tuned in for yesterday’s Freedom From Fibromyalgia Summit

I hope you got to watch all of yesterday’s interviews? There were some really good ones. I really enjoyed interviewing best selling author Jacob Teitelbaum. He and I have lectured together at numerous fibro events. Always fun to hear his thoughts on overcoming fibromyalgia.

And Dr. Eric Gordon’s explanation of Cell Danger is a real game changer for anyone with a chronic illness, especially those with fibromyalgia.

Day 2’s interviews feature one of my favorite authors and clinicians, Dr. Neil Nathan. This was my first time interviewing Neil. It was a real treat spending time with him.

Neil and Ritchie Shoemaker were the two influencers who encouraged me years ago to start testing for mold toxins in my fibromyalgia patients.

Surprise….many of my fibro patients do in fact have mold toxins contributing to their fibro related symptoms.

Yes, mold toxins are one of many triggers for the various fibro symptoms.

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Don’t miss tomorrow’s interviews especially my presentation on fibromyalgia and low thyroid, a common cause of fibro symptoms that is often missed by most conventional doctors.

See you tomorrow!

If you’ve not registered (seriously……are you kidding me) get registered for this FREE week long event and learn the action steps for overcoming fibromyalgia.

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