Fibromyalgia: Do You Have A Stupid Doctor?

Updated May 2020

Do You Have A Stupid Doctor Story To Share?

Not a day goes by without me hearing horror stories from my patients sharing doctor stories of incompetence, arrogance, and or downright stupidity. You know what I’m talking about, doctors who tell you to simply “lose weight, start exercising, or change your diet.” Just as bad are the doctors who imply that fibromyalgia is not real or that you are faking your symptoms for attention.


beautiful 35 year old woman stands in front of the windowYou May Have A Stupid Doctor If-

He or she tells you fibromyalgia doesn’t exist.

You May Have A Stupid Doctor If-

He or she dismisses your fibromyalgia symptoms as nothing more than you being a hypochondriac-someone wanting attention.

You May Have A Stupid Doctor If-

He or she tells you that more exercise, sleep or losing weight is all you need to do to for your fibromyalgia symptoms-you know the doctor who says “you just need to improve your sex life, take a vacation, lose some weight, your just depressed, it is just PMS…”Give me a break, this doctor doesn’t have a clue!

You May Have A Stupid Doctor If

He or she tells you that all your blood work looks normal so you must be a “drug seeker.” It may not occur to this stupid doctor that you never mentioned you wanted pain medication, that in fact you have repeatedly declined to take pain meds in the past. What you are really seeking is to have a doctor listen, understand and help you feel better.

You May Have A Stupid Doctor If-

He or she fails to order the proper tests, especially but not limited to thyroid tests. Simply following the herd and only ordering routine tests, including “the normal” thyroid tests, stimulating hormone (TSH) and a T4 (Thyroxine) is similar to trying to critique The Sound of Music after only watching the first 20 minutes of the movie/play. Your synopsis is-Julie Andrews was a quirky nun. Ok, what about the Captain, his children, the Nazi party, the wedding, and the escape? My point is stupid doctors are happy to stay stupid. They don’t care to practice the art of doctoring, being a detective, investigating anything outside the routine.

They’re happy to follow the herd, not make any waves and dispatch the drugs the pharmaceutical rep asks them to based on “this is how we’ve always done it.”

Sorry but it burns me up that patients go to their doctor with all the symptoms of low thyroid-fatigue, depression, anxiety, elevated cholesterol, brain fog, weight gain, cold hands, cold feet, swelling, tingling pains, constipation, hair loss-only to be told their blood work looks fine.

They totally miss the diagnosis because they don’t go the extra mile (“this is how we’ve always done it”). They are then only too happy to promote life draining drugs to cover up the hypothyroid symptoms-Ritalin for low energy, Lipitor for elevated cholesterol, Zoloft for depression, Lyrica for tingling pain…it just goes on and on.

The patient’s symptoms and poor health continue to grow year after year when all the stupid doctor needed to do was run the right tests, or think outside the box and recommend prescription or over the counter thyroid hormone therapy. Correct the cause, low thyroid and all the symptoms go away!

You May Have A Stupid Doctor If-

He or she dismisses the very real condition known as adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue occurs when your stress coping glands, the adrenals become to stressed to perform properly. Stress is definitely the catalyst for disease! They will tell you your symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue, low energy, brain fog, low immune function, depression, poor sleep, weight gain, etc. are from getting older or all in your head.

Why? Because doctors are evaluating blood work for disease not function. They don’t care that your adrenals aren’t functioning at optimal levels (to allow you to deal with and rebound from stress). They only care if you have TOTAL adrenal failure, Addison’s disease. Blood tests won’t show adrenal fatigue but a four-sample, 16-hour saliva test will.

Guess what else stupid doctors don’t believe in, saliva tests. This despite they’ve been proven valid and are recognized by insurance companies, accredited labs, Harvard Medical School, and other leading organizations.

You May Have A Stupid Doctor If-

money_pillsHe or she has you taking two different SSRI or SSNRI antidepressant medications. These drugs, including Savella, Cymbalta, Effexor, Celexa, Zoloft, Paxil, Pristiq, and Prozac are supposed to help your brain re-uptake the happy hormones serotonin and or norepinephrine. It makes no sense to be on more than one of these drugs at the same time-you only increase the risk of more side effects (including poor sleep, depression, anxiety, muscle pain, etc.).

If you stop to get gas why would you mix 89% with 91% unleaded fuel? You wouldn’t. If you need more fuel you simply increase the cars intake, you don’t mix them. Mixing these drugs is a sign of a lazy and stupid doctor!

You May Have A Stupid Doctor If-

He or she has you taking a stimulant drug or drugs and a relaxant or tranquilizing drug. Examples include-taking Ritalin, Adderall, Strattera, Intuniv, Vyvanse, Wellbutren, Effexor, Cymbalta, Savella, or Pristiq and a benzodiazepine drug for anxiety including Ativan, Xanax, Seroquel, Klonpin, Valium or Busbar. One drug is revving you up the other is making you a zombie.

Lazy or stupid doctors are happy to over medicate you. They don’t take time to study how to naturally reduce your anxiety, which after the fact, you can and should use natural amino acids (which make the happy, calming and or stimulating brain hormones, serotonin and norepinephrine)-no one has a drug deficiency!

You May Have A Stupid Doctor If-

He or she has you taking a potentially stimulating drug while you are complaining of insomnia. It used to surprise me to see doctors recommending their patients take a SSRI or SSNRI at bedtime. Why? Because these drugs can, not only re-uptake the calming hormone serotonin, they can also re-uptake the stimulating hormone adrenaline. Now I may not be “a real doctor,” I’m only a little chiropractor nutritionist, but I know enough about biochemistry and physiology and after 17 years experience of treating fibro I know you don’t do anything to potentially sabotage deep restorative sleep.

Timed-release stimulant drugs including some antidepressants and Ritalin are notorious for causing sleep disorders. AND you should know that these drugs deplete your natural sleep hormone melatonin.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

But I’m sure the stupid doctor simply increased your sleep medication or added another potentially dangerous drug to knock you out at night.

Well I could go on and on about stupid doctors but I’ve got to finish up now so I can pack my clothes for my weekend seminar on Functional Medicine. I’ll be learning about more tests that stupid doctors don’t use or even know about. I’m happy not to follow the herd, and strive to be a smart doctor, even though I’m still learning how to work the new TV remote.


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  1. Pat Boulukos
    Pat Boulukos says:

    Dr Murphree I commend you! I have been suffering for six months now visiting Doctor after Doctor telling me nothing is wrong your blood work is perfect infact high perfect. Sure that sounds great but why am I feeling the worst I have ever in my life. I was very tempted to contact you but you are so far and though you say phone in are your biggest patients I wanted to find someone like you here who could think out of the box. And luckily I finally did. Your story here reads of my life the past six months, going on Cymballta per a rhuemotolgist recommendation only to not even get to the proper dose feeling so bad and stopping it. He said I had fibromyalgia and this would make me feel better. I finally found as mentioned an integrative doctor who like you was frustrated with stupid doctors and our health care system in general. He looked out of the box and did in fact run that saliva test you mentioned here. We are waiting results but for now he is seeing I have symptoms of Hypothyroid and though blood results show normal it is low normal range. So that with the symptoms he thought out of the box and has me on Armour thyroid. It is a slow go and we have more tests coming in. But my point in writing you is that we all have to be advocates for ourselves and well read and knowledgeable not just accepting the “Dr’s” word alone. You have provided me quite generously information free because you care and want all people to live happy and healthy lives. For this one day you will be rewarded and it will be beyond money. We need more caring people like you and I wanted to personally thank you. I enjoy your newsletters and benefit from them. I in turn will spread the word and help others just as you continue to do. Again thank you Dr. Murphree, you are truly a DR!

  2. Diane Shore
    Diane Shore says:

    Thank you thank you Dr Murphree’s for coming forward & addressing the problems with Fibro & all it’s attachments. I too have had “stupid” Drs but I think more then that is that they just don’t care. They learn all of this wonderful stuff on medicine but they are never taught to think outside the box & learn “bedside manner”. Some are even so arrogant they tell their patient that they are the Dr & what he/she says goes & we’re the ignorant people who come to them for the “magic pill”. I hope I can hear from you again.

  3. Wendy Hart
    Wendy Hart says:

    I am 67 yrs old and started seeking help for my chronic pain and fatigue in 1998. Went on disability in 2009, and diagnosed w/fibromyalgia in 2010. I also have the sole responsibility/care for my 35 y/o mentally challenged, autistic and schizophrenic son. When my son calls out for Mom, I have to jump because it could mean anything from, he saw something funny on TV, or he is about to burn up the microwave for putting a corndog on for 10 minutes and the stick is on fire. I asked my MD for an adjustment to my oxycodone, (back to the 30 mg I was on prior to the last med change). He refused, saying that I am misusing my meds because I want the high dose to be able to care for my son. What I said was, I needed the higher dose to bring my pain down to a controllable level, so I can pop out of bed to see about my son, on call, 24/7. I was crying from the stress of the conversation– so now I need a psych consult because I am not handling my situation well. I am a woman and women cry! I cry when happy, sad, mad, hurt– you name it. I am afraid to say anything because it will be turned around and used against me. What am I saying/doing wrong? How do I talk to him in a manner he can understand?

  4. Lora McElroy
    Lora McElroy says:

    I really love this conference it’s so true I know now that I had more than one stupid doctor. Cause after working with dr Murphree and his program I know feel so much better. But I know how everyone feels cause I been there for 17 years. But they make you feel like your a drug attaddict because what they try never works . And this needs to stop we need to make awareness on this and stand up and fight back . They went to school and paid all that money to educate them selfs to help people and instead there making it worse and making them sicker it just don’t make good sense. End of rant

  5. Diane
    Diane says:

    Hi Dr.Murphree,I’ve had Fibro since 1991? & my NP is treating me with Cymbalta&Buspar[generics].What other Dr.s should I be seeing? I’m 54 w/a 13yr old daughter & I don’t feel old other than the fibro.Any insight would be helpful&appreciated.I wish I could afford your consultation,but this will have to do.Thank you for your work & dedication to an illness that “doesn’t”exsist.[lol]Sincerely Yours,Diane Buchanan.

  6. Pati
    Pati says:

    I hate to think it because he is a nice guy,but I have a stupid doctor.And have had a whole history of stupid doctors..Lymes Disease and Fibromyalgia are foreign to Arizona apparently,as well as finding a doctor that can treat Osteoarthritis.I have Mayo tests for Lyme and Fibro that state positive high risk for both with a history of all symptoms.Came home to Az and have had nothing but a lot of money spent for non conclusive guesses as to how to treat OA,and Fibro,….because Az doesn’t even sanction treatment for Lymes because it can’t happen here,we don’t have ticks….actually was told that… I am considering going to Mayo in Scottsdale,or finding east doctor familiar with all my disorders and seek treatment………..this whole healthcare mess has dumbed down our doctors…patients are treated like junkies for seeking treatment for pain,and then made feel like we are making this all up in our heads…….

  7. Opal Fisher
    Opal Fisher says:

    The office my PCP works at decided in June to discontinue treating chronic pain patients and in the same month my doctor cut me all ALL of my scheduled meds cold turkey. He had many excuses, none of which were valid, but the bottom line amounted to not wanting to deal with chronic pain issues anymore and referred me to a pain specialist that was supposed to pick up where he left off. That Dr turned out to be a rehabilitation Dr and didn’t deal with fibro at all, and my PCP said tough luck when I told him. So now I’m without the meds that helped and back to being offered 8 other different meds that don’t do anything except cause more problems. Pain meds work for me. Not 100% all the time, but with them I can eat (I’ve lost 15 pounds since July and I’m already underweight) sleep, my body temp is regulated better, my depression and anxiety are more easily controlled, I can do a load of dishes or laundry and bath myself a couple times a week. I haven’t left my house since June 27th and the last time I had a bath was July 8th. It’s sick and disgusting and I don’t want to live this way anymore. Find a new doctor? I’d be glad to but no one wants to deal with the hassle and any referral takes 4-6 months and even then it’s no guarantee they can or are willing to treat me!

  8. Destiny
    Destiny says:

    I have had fibro for over 9 years, I have gotten no where, no one listens to me, I’ve seen multiple doctors and had multiple test, every doctor says something different, but they all say the same “all your tests came back normal”. What I have is very disabling, it prevents me from doing simple day to day things for myself, but yet I’m not heard, I tell them my systems and leave with nothing in resolve. No referrals, nothing. NINE YEARS! I have given up so many times on even trying to find a doctor who will do more then the typical blood work and throw prescriptions at me for pain,depression. I was a outstanding newborn photographer, and owned 3 businesses, now I can even go to the grocery store or be on the computer due to my symptoms. What frustrates me the most, I spent a week writing down all my symptoms and exactly how they effect me in great detail, and took it to my appointment, gave it to my doctor, and he glanced over it, but didn’t even read it. Since then, I have got a new doctor, but not even 2 months in, am already looking for another. Oh how I wish one of them could live a day in my shoes.

  9. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I just changed my neurologist. The first one I called the drive thru doctor. He would only spend about 2 to 3 minutes with me in the exam room even though I was having horrible side effects to the medications he gave me. Admittedly, this was seizure medication, because I now have Epilepsy in addition to Fibro. Every time his solution was to try a different med, and he barely had me weaning from one to the other. I was sick and bedridden, and when I was awake, I was a zombie. I got to the point to where I couldn’t distinguish dreams from reality. And I was making the kids lock their doors at night, because my biggest fear was that I could have a nightmare and harm them during the night.
    So I just saw the new neurologist on the 10th with mixed results. She did order several tests so that was a plus. But she also said I needed to see a psychiatrist who specializes in chronic pain, so they can help me “deal” with it. She also said Percocet does not help fibro. I have tried every FDA drug out there. I pop Aleve, and Advil etc. like candy and they don’t even touch the pain. Opioid type meds are the only thing that keeps me from being bedridden. I’m still in a lot of pain because I don’t take a strong dose. Percocet 7.5 mg three times daily. Now I have to find a new pain clinic because my current one will no longer take my insurance at the first of the year. I am at the end of my rope!

  10. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    I have had fibro and RA for 14 years. Only in the last 5 years have i had to take prescription pain meds. When i was first diagnosed i had a wonderful doctor who did acupuncture abd relaxation therapies with me and this helped a lot for about 7 years . He put me on Cymbalta which seemed to help some but i had horrible mood swings and was driving my husband to distraction. He started me on Lortabs BID prn. Then my wonderful dr died suddenly. I tried another dr who referred me to a pain specialist who wanted to do a pain pump implant which i refused. He tried so many NSAIDS that i developed stomach problems. We moved to Florida as the climate made me feel much better. Now i am back to square 1 trying to find a good dr. I had one who put me on so much Lyrica that i was walking into walls and couldn’t function at all. When i complained she refused to see me again. Now im seeing one who tried IV infusions that almost sent me into congestive heart failure. Now ge has ordered an MRI for possible spinal injections. I am just at a loss. I think i need to change drs again but dont want to be labeled a drug seeker or a hypochrondiac .

  11. Sandra Sanderford
    Sandra Sanderford says:

    Doc i went to for 14 years handed out pills and thats it. My new DO has researched all my autoimmune diseases and i was diagnosed with Middle Connective Tissue Disease. I cried when i got home. All that time wasted on a stupid doctor. I have to have a second heart ablation Oct 23rd. With that, FIBROMYALGIA, Hashimotos, and more i could have had many painless, happy years instead of monthly appointments and pills and the same diagnosis every time. Im sad. I go to my DO tomorrow to get medication to keep me comfortable (no narcotics!) My life has been shortened. Im on a gluten free, sugar free, organic….and Paleo diet with a new happy gut…did this on my own…no suggestion from the stupid doctor. I do feel as best as i can right now. Thanks for your article. Sandra


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